Name: Esmeralda
Age: 17 (in college at that age)

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Species: One eyed ghoul
Backstory: Esmeralda's parents treated her poorly and they abandoned her where the Ghoul incident was and got bit by a ghoul (though she couldn't outrun the ghoul) but was always the one eyed for a long time (well after that ghoul incident) but remained somewhere in the streets for 3 years (she still went to school but hiding her ghoul eyes and abilities)

Looks: Black wavy hair, fair skin, her original eyes were turquoise (a rare color)


Casual: Black hoodie, blue t-shirt, black combat boots, black leggings

Formal: Black dress with a cute red bow, wears her hair up in a ponytail, black flats, wears long socks as well

Pj's: Usually a night gown and a pair of house slippers

Likes: Playing 'games' with the victims (like cat and mouse for example), being herself

Dislikes: Being picked on, her abusive parents

Crush: Ken Kaneki or Hide

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