Get out

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Her pale cheeks were numb, so she hadn't noticed the waterfall spilling out of her glossy green eyes until her collared shirt was damp. She was shaking with rage and hurt, her hands balling into tight fists. If the woman in front of her wasn't 'made of steel' then she'd be throwing punches left, right and centre.

Kara was dressed in her glorious super suit, but she wasn't Supergirl right now. She wasn't all high and mighty. In fact, Kara was showing a lot of vulnerability - a characteristic never shown by a superhero. Her stance lacking confidence, her feet a little less far apart and her blonde hair desperately acting as a shield to protect her saddened face from sight.

If Lena's 'tiny boxes' coping mechanism hadn't been broken, then she might've shown a little sympathy for the girl. Though, her entire body was still shaking with anger and showed no sign of stopping; her legs began feeling weaker and weaker with each tear sliding down her face.

The sun had completely vanished now, leaving a sheet of midnight in the sky. However, the moon still glistened from above like an unreachable diamond; it reflected against the glass windows of each building, illuminating National City.

"You really lied to me... for all those years... even after everything with- with Lex and... everyone." Solemn and coldness was laced in Lena's voice. Her body had betrayed her by revealing her emotions, but her words weren't going to. "You fall in with everyone who has betrayed and hurt me."

Across the room, Supergirl had her head tilted down hoping the floor would open up and swallow her whole. Her eyes were squeezed shut, trying to close off reality as much as she could. But Lena's words were cutting into her slowly and drastically. Her harshness like a kryptonite shard being pierced through her usually tough skin. Nevertheless, she let Lena speak.

"And for that, you can get the fuck out of my office and never come back." Lena sternly and coldly ordered. Kara's head finally snapped up, ocean blue eyes blinded by panic.
"Lena," Kara blurted out, a red boot stepping forward in a worried hurry.
"No. Get out." The brunette shouted, causing a flinch from the superhero.

A tear slowly glided down Kara's left cheek. She lifted her hand up to her face and quickly rubbed her palm over her cheek, only leaving a damp smudge and red tinted skin under her eye as proof that she had cried. She swallowed a lump in her throat but it didn't go away.

Lena's eyes ached. She was exhausted. Her heart was beating so fast yet on the exterior she felt so exhausted. Her gaze shifted to the symbol embedded in Kara's suit; a symbol so many people recognised as hope and power, but Lena can only see betrayal and pain.

Supergirl finally began walking towards the balcony door, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other without falling. Her vision was becoming blurry and her head was on a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster of emotions. Her body stiffened when she reached the door. And whilst a hand reached out for the metal handle, Kara glanced back to take one look at her best friend. Her mind could only string together one coherent sentence - a sentence she's been wanting to say for a long time.

"I love you."

"What?" Lena whispered.

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