Part 9

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"You don't understand how worried I was for you, you can't understand, you make me feel myself, and a tree falling on you made myself broken. You are not going to understand how much you mean to me, you can't." Vincent mumbled under his breath.
"Uh... what did you say?" Clay yawned coming into Vincent's lap with his head.

    Vincent's face heated up as he started playing with Clay's hair. In the same time the door opened and Zak was standing in the frame. Vincent pushed Clay out of his lap, going to Zak. He hugged the smaller boy and he heard soft sobs coming from him. Vincent sighed, tightening him in his hands.

"Come Zak. You can sleep with us. We aren't sleeping anymore. You can lay down beside me." Vincent dragged Zak along with him in the bed.
"Clay. Come, up." Vincent told the older boy already in the bed.
"Mhh. I want more cuddles Vince" Clay mumbled.
"Oh. I'm sorry if I interrupted something." Zak said slowly.
"Oh. No. You didn't, he's just woken up" Vincent looked mad at Clay who only smiled with an innocent face.

Zak sat on the bed looking at the ceiling then back at the two of them. Vincent looked at him with sad eyes, then turned his eyes to Clay who looked back at him. Vincent got so lost in Clay's emerald eyes, he didn't hear his phone starting to vibrate on the nightstand. Zak shook Vincent's hand trying to get him back from his daydream, but he only stood there, lost in Clay's beautiful eyes. He didn't actually noticed them before, so that was the first time he'd seen them. Clay pushed himself up from the bed and tooked Vincent's phone answering.

"Oh. Hello. Are you ok? Um, do you want food? Yeah we can get you some... In like... 10 minute, we'll be there with the food. Bye, Darryl!" Zak turned his head when he heard Clay saying Darryl's name.
"Is he ok? Is he going to be ok?" Zak looked with fear in his eyes at Clay.
"Yeah. He woke up an hour ago. He wants food. Let's go get some"

🌠 At the hospital 🌠

"Oh, thank God Darryl you are ok! You scared the demons out of me and the angels too. Oh my goodness! Did they say anything, like, do you need to stay here for a long time?" Zak took Darryl's hand, placing it on his cheek.

   Vincent stood there, with a sad look.

    Clay can't take care of himself, Zak is... a little bit better now and Darryl needs someone to help him. I can't stay here for so long. I only have 4 days left and all I could do was... things with Clay and talking with Darryl and Zak some time in a while. I'm a horrible person. How could I let this happen? Only if there was a way to stay here longer...

"Zak? Do you and Darryl leave with Clay like... forever? Or like a time thing?" Vincent said looking over Clay.
"We came here to take care of him, but in the first place we were here cause i needed my medical personal and I didn't have it in LA, so we where here to take my tests and stuff like this."

   Vincent stood there and looked back to Clay. Clay smiled at him; that smile gave Vincent memories from the time Darryl and Zak left. A sigh escaped from his mouth.

"We need to talk Zak." Vincent told the smaller boy.
"Oh. What is this about?" Zak looked confused at him.
"Uh... come with me. Please."

     Zak put slowly Darryl's hand back on the soft bed and walked out of the room, with Vincent in front of him.


"Listen Zak. I... I can't stay here for that long so you, Darryl and Clay get better. And... I'm in a little questioning state. I... Clay sent me a marriage paper. And..." Vincent started to explain to Zak.
"OH, VINCENT! Do you want to marry him so you can stay and take care of all of us? Don't do that, you don't have that kind of feelings for him, do you?" Zak spoked pretty loud.
"Probably... I-I have a little crush on him, but still. You know I can't leave Darryl in this situation, you almost got better, but you're not in the whole force yet. And more... Clay, who is now learning how to maintain his balance again, kind of." Vincent said blinking rapidly in trying not to cry.

   Why is he acting like nothing is wor... oh... yeah. Nothing works for him at the moment. A month ago he told me that his crush rejected him, but now he seems more and more comfortable with Clay, that is a good thing. But he can stay here for 4 more days, can't he? That sucks so bad.

"Vincent... I don't know what are you supposed to do... Follow your heart, I guess. But don't follow it too deep, it's going to hurt you some day... Now can we go back? I need to be with Darryl." Vincent nodded and they headed inside again.

Clay POV

"What did you guys talk about?" Clay tried to get up but Vincent put one of his hands softly on his shoulder.
"Nothing to worry about. I mean, not now. Come, we are going home..." Vincent mumbled in his ear.
"Zak isn't coming?" Clay asked with a questioning look on his face.
"No. Darryl needs him here. Come on!" Vincent got up and helped Clay as well.

   Vincent took his hand and walked out of the hospital. Clay was confused, they weren't walking home. Vincent had something in his head, but Clay didn't know what to do to stop him and go home or back at the hospital or... to walk along with him.

  Probably walking with him is now the best solution. At least that's what I think.

🌠14 minute later 🌠

   Vincent took Clay to a coffee and some waffles. Clay didn't see the French boy so happy that he was there, he seemed so unattached to the world, thinking at something that Clay couldn't know.
    Vincent was next to Clay on a couch beside the window. But none of them focused on the view. Clay sighed, putting one hand on Vincent's hand.

"Are you ok Vince?" Clay tried to get him out of his thoughts.
"Hm? Yeah. I'm good. Just thinking." Vincent said taking his hand away.

   Clay had a hurt expression on his face but took his hand away as well, taking the coffee. He looked into the brownish liquid sighing.

     He doesn't even look at me. Probably I didn't have to kiss him, Zak was right, I think, but now he is pushing me away. So Zak thought right, he was 100% straight, or at least 90% now.


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