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Angelo threw a towel at me and said he had to make a call.


But, I took it gratefully because if I stayed in this condition, I would have hypothermia in an hour.

"Hey John. I need you to do a quick DNA test for me. No. It's kind of a long story. Yeah. Thanks." He finished as he hung up.

The man has no emotion, I swear.

"You and I are going to take a DNA test."

He said as he texted on his phone.

"That's fair."

"Yeah, I know. Where have you been staying?"


"I saved up from my last job. I'm in a motel like ten minutes away from here."

   He gave me an odd look.

"You're fifteen. What kind of job could you have possibly had?"

"I was a chefs apprentice."

"Like hell." He did in part annoyance and part disbelief.

I was about to respond, but a knock at the door sounded through the room.

He stood up wordlessly and opened it.

"Where is my supposed niece?" The voice of a man, a happy one at that, came through.

"Gino." Angelo greeted.

A tall man stepped in. He seemed young with black hair and blue eyes.

"Holy shit. She looks just like her mother!" He, or should I say Gino, yelled in shock.

I waved at him.

"Hi, I'm your uncle Gino. Don't worry, I don't have a stick up my ass like your dad here."

I like this guy.

"Mercury." I said simply.

He froze and turned to Angelo.

"Aw. I remember those days as if it were last week."

"Yeah, yeah. Anyways, this is all still yet to be proven." Angelo put in.

"Oh come on man! I mean yeah, sure, she looks like her mom, but you are definitely in there too."

"I don't see it."

"Of course not because you're an idiota. Anyways, where is my niece staying? I will not have her boarding up with some disease infected stranger, much less a disease infested house!" Gino asked in disgust.

"I was just telling him about how I'm staying at a motel not faraway from this area." I reassured him.

"Gross. Angelo, she will be staying here from now on."

"We will cross that bridge once the paternity test results show up. Speaking of which, we take it at seven. So like two hours."

  It's already five??

"Listen, I know I showed up out of the blue, but do you have like any food here?" I asked Angelo.

  What? A girls gotta eat.

"You are not burning my house down."

That tears it.

"Fine I'll figure it out on my own. Gino, care to join me so I don't burn his place down?" I said glaring at Angelo.

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