A Night To Remember

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My eyes saw you,
But damn,
Did my soul feel you!

Vikram's pov

Ever felt Proud of your woman!
Well, I am feeling that, right now!

Mrs. Akira Vikram Rathore....the only conqueror of my Heart.
I know She is broken like me but she is ready to stand strong for our new family against our Broken past. She also agreed to respect my feelings for her and I can not be more thankful because, sometimes i fall weak in front of my feelings. And her assurance gives me hope of our happy future.
And she is open to rebuild our new Home, together!

And did I tell you, Akira looked like a beautiful fairy with that captivating light pink ombre saree and the white princess blouse accentuated her curves. I will have a hard time to stop other men from ogling my Wife!
Her dangling diamond earrings with pearls looked so perfect on her angelic face and those Rathore bangles, I am so much proud that it is her, who's wrist is adorning them.
I have a special sentiments attached to them as they belonged to my mother...and when I was a kid, I remember, I used to ask Mom to give then to me but my dad would say....Buddy, when you grow up and bring home your queen...she will have them just like your mom!
These are some of the beautiful memories of my parents.
And now, listening to their jingles again, i realised Akira is the real queen of my heart and I am glad she is the one adorning them.
And now she is Mine, forever!

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw her coming towards the Hall with Vidit and Kiyara.

It was a picture perfect already but secretly I wanted to add 2-3 more kids of our own around her!
Fuck Vikram! You are always out of the Line! Be thankful that she can not read your mind, otherwise, she would have chocked you with her own hands!

I walked up to them and the kids said - Daddy you look like the king from the castle in our story!

I chuckled at their cuteness! But wanted to tease my wife so asked - If I am a king then where is my queen?

And they giggled - Daddy, you are so stupid....ofcourse, Mommy is your Queen!

And my eyes met with Akira who was giving me angry glares but I winked and she gasped.
Soon, Tayi maa sa reached with our Rathore clan and we started to welcome the guests.

Music stopped and all lights were dimmed except for the fairylights.

I saw Smriti, my baby sister....descending the stairs along with my wife.
Smriti looked stunning in her indo-western gown and I heard Kartik gasping...poor fellow is smitten by my sister!
I smirked and said - I feel you Bro!
But he mocked - Yeah Brother! I know Bhabi is also giving you tough time!

And we both Chuckled.

Akira walked smriti till the stage and made her sit comfortably. Tayi maa did Aarti for kartik and Smriti and the festivity began.

A lot of our Business associates and many other important personalities were present. I greeted them all.
They were talking business and politics
and all this entire time, I was looking at Akira.
Her big eyes, her Smile...The way she laughs on the stupid little jokes of our kids....the way she pouts and talks...and the how easily she had adopted us wholeheartedly...had me wrapped around her little finger.

Tayi maa sa finally called both of us on stage and I held my held my for her which she took gracefully.

Tayi maa introduced both of us as an official couple to our guests and our kids too, there were whistling, cheering and clapping from all the guests.

Akira was about to leave the stage... That's when, I held her hand and spoke -

Before you entered My life, I was living for my two Princesses!
One is my baby Sister, who is today, all decked up to go with her Prince!
And the other one, my Baby Girl, my princess Kiyara!

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