Part 29

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Happy reading

Anika is tying tie around shivaay's neck but he  is trying to diverting her by kissing her cheek sometimes forehead sometimes lips

Ani. What are you doing shivaay. Let me do my work. I've to check babies also.

Shiv. You do your work and let me do my own.  He said sucking her neck.

Ani. Stop it shivaay. Don't disturb me.she wriggle.

Shiv. Baby you don't spend time with me. He pout.

Ani. Stop being kiddish shivaay. You are father of two kids. Atleast think about it.

Shiv.  If I've kids that's doesn't mean I have got old.I'm still 28.

Ani. Ok ok mr young man. Don't make these faces.she said kissing his cheek.

Shiv. Baby one more kiss here. My lips are getting dry.

Ani. Then put balm on them. Don't waste my time she teased.

Shiv. That's I'm saying. Put balm on my lips by your mouth. He wink and about to capture her lips when seerat came there.

Seerat. Mummy I'm hungry.

Anika. Oh my baby she comes out from shivaay's hold and hugged her daughter kissing her cheek.

Ani.  Let's go. I'll itself give food to my princess.

Shiv. Anika where is my blue file.

Ani. It's in drawer shivaay.

Shiv. There is nothing ani.

Ani. Ok princess go and sit in dinning area I'm coming in a while

S. Okie mummy. She smile and left from there jumping here and there.

Ani. Shivaay you are more kiddish then babies.  Can't do your simple work. She shake her head and goes near cupboard to get his file.

Shiv.  You also don't spend time with me na. So I Have to search way to touch you. He said back hugging her.

Ani. Tch shivay leave me. Let me search file.

Shiv. We will do later. First let me kiss you.  He spoke while kissing her neck.

Ani. Shiv she moan throwing her head on his shoulder.

Shivay turned her and started leaking her cleavage hungrily. 

Ani. Shivay you have meeting

Shiv.  I don't care. He breath heavily and Smashed lips on her.  He pulled her towards him and started kissing her hungrily. 

Ani. Mmm she run fingers in his hair and got engaged to kissing her with equal passion.  After a long 15 minutes kiss they parted away and look deep in each other eyes

Ani. You cheapra can't live without it. She smack his chest.

Shiv. What to do when My Mrs is so delicious. He packed her lips.

Ani. Shivay

Shiv. Hmm he hummed kissing her hand

Ani. I love you she smile brightly

Shivay broke in tears and hugged her tightly lifting her up from the floor

Shiv. I love you too jaan. You don't know I was craving for listening these words. I love you I love you so much.  He held her tightly while kissing her head.

Anika smile in tears and suck his earlobe.

Shivaay put her down and kissed her cheek

Shiv.  Today I'm so happy.  He said pulling her towards him.

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