Chapter 21

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Brittany's POV

It took an effort to stand up to brush my hair.

I felt like I did a hundred push ups yesterday night. Memories from yesterday where blurred and there was a burning pain in my wrist.

I looked at the scar on my wrist and hissed at the pain that I got from touching it.

The pieces from yesterday started coming together.

I thought really hard as I brushed my hair a little bit harshly because it had too many knots in it.

I let out a sudden gasp.


He bit me yesterday... He actually drank my blood till I passed out.

I know he should have done this a long time ago but he should have Informed me before doing such a cruel thing to me.

I don't know why I feel so sad about this but it was too sudden...

I felt a tear drop run down my face.

I shouldn't cry, it could have been sooner or later anyways.

I kept saying to myself...

I'm the pet and he's the master... It cost a fortune to buy me so why wouldn't he drink from me?

Yeah, I know I'm the stupid Britt who only realizes the truth when she's sad but I don't care. I acknowledged the truth and that's all that's all that matters to me... Or maybe not.....

"Britt, can we talk?" Cole's voice brought me back to life.... Actually, his voice jerked me back to life cause standing here talking to him here's as scary as shit.

"C- Master...". I stuttered, bowing my head.

"Can we talk?"

Of course not, the thought of talking to you brings me so close to peeing on myself.

My body said another thing entirely as I found myself nodding.

He motioned to the sofa.

I sat down there just like an obedient dog should.

I just noticed that I didn't have my collar on... Panic set in.

What if he gets tempted to drink from me again?!?

I tapped my fingers nervously on my bare thighs as I tried to push away all the negative thoughts.

I couldn't look at him in the eyes but an imagination popped up when I took a glance at him.

I imagined the veins along with more scary features on his face. I mentally screamed till the clearing of his throat  brought me back to reality.

Here goes the long talk.

"Umm... Morning". He said.

Well, this was awkward.

"Morning m- master". I managed to reply.

"Yesterday,"  He begun... "I know I fucked up but I'm really sorry... I still can't believe that I could do that because I didn't plan to drink from you, some certain events drove me to do it. I saw someone that I never thought I'd see... Someone that I thought never existed again, some-" He sighed.

"I know I'm talking too much but please forgive me... You can call me names, I deserve any name you call me, I'm really sorry".

He looked so vulnerable that I almost believed him but the other part of me wanted to show him who Britt really was but a second thought stopped my actions.

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