Help Me - Link

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Link: Okay, so… I think I can handle this without the host (AKA Samantha)

Jeff: *Sigh* I wish I could handle it without her

Ben: *Laughs*

Liu and Jeff: *Glares at Ben*

Liu: *Stretches* What exactly are we doing?


Ghirahim: Oh how delightful *Claps hands*

Ben: *Playing Nintendo Switch* Quick hand me that bowl before I get my ass beat in smash bros!

Randy: *Stands in Bens way*

Ben: Hey asshat, move!

Randy: Fine…. *Takes game off dock*

Liu and Link: Oh boy…


Randy: *Hides behind Jeff* Help!

Jeff: *Walks away*

Randy: *Runs off*

Link: Stop it now!

Ben: He detatched my game from the dock now I lost!

Randy: *Laughs*

Link: Just stop!

Ben: Dude chill.

Jeff: Idiots.

Randy: Fuck off!

Link: SHUT UP!

Ghirahim: Skychild, there is no need for yelling we are all in the same room, well most of us is anyways. *Hair flip*

Skull Kid: We should go spy on the girls. *Giggles*

Dark Link: Sure why not?

Link: What-- No, no. We are staying here and asking questions!

Ghirahim: Oh, but it would have been so humorous to prank them all. *Evil grin*

Link: No one is pranking anyone, do you understand?

Jeff: *Snorts* someone sounds uptight.

Dark Link: Why are you so uptight? *Grabs Link's shoulder* Come on, we were kidding…

Link: *Jumps* Ah! U-uh…wh-who is upt-tight? I am NOT u-uptight!

Masky and Liu: *Laughs* You sound like Toby

Toby: H-Hey!

Masky: *Laughs harder*

Dark Link: *Snickers* Riiight…well then I am going to jump out the window and into the pool…*Smirks*

Ben: I can help you with that! *Evil grin*

Dark Link: No-no that won't be necessary *Sweatdrops*

Ben: Suit yourself *Shrugs*

Link: What?!? NO! N-no jumping out of windows while I am in charge!

Zant: UPTIGHT!!!

Skull Kid and Randy: …

Jeff: I think I'll jump out it myself *Runs to window*

Liu: *Grabs Jeff's hood and pulls him back* Nice try killer boy

Jeff: Damn it!

Ghirahim: You know, I support you jumping out the window Dark and Jeff. Do you want to know why?

Dark and Jeff: …

Ghirahim: Because with just the snap of my finger, I can teleport that swimming pool from underneath…YOU WILL FALL TO YOUR DEATH!!! Of course Samantha would be devistated that you, smiley boy, has gotten hurt, theres no doubt that it would be funny!

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