Part 24

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Benji's Pov.
I was so excited to see Jorge again. Today is Thursday. I arrived at the airport half an hour ago, still waiting for my luggage.

Actually, I skipped my classes but I couldn't care less. All I could care for is Jorge. Crazy how my whole life seems to develop around him.

He was still a bit angry because of our fight. This has not been the first time we would fight about my jealousy issues. The thing is I really want to give him space and freedom.

On the other hand, since Noen told me how they kissed I just couldn't trust him anymore. Technically we weren't in a relationship at that time but I'm still mad about it.

Jorge explained multiple times it was just for a distraction but it makes me wonder. Noen had to tell me, I guess Jorge would have never told me.

I shook my head. Here I was saying I'm going to change and doing the opposite.

My suitcase finally came and I was ready to leave the airport. I decided to get a taxi since there wasn't an Uber available.

The taxi drive was very expansive. I frowned a bit. It costs so much to see him.

I smiled a little at the thought that the trip actually should be paid by my insurance so I don't die from a broken heart.

When the car pulled up in front of his house my leg's suddenly started shaking and my palms get sweaty.

The door was upon and I used the lift to get to Jorge's Floor. Last time I was here the lift was broken so I was pretty glad it worked.

As I knocked on the door Juan opened it: "Hey Benji", he said as he pulled me into a tight hug, "I thought you would come Friday?"

I scratched my head smiling: "I wanted to surprise Jeyjey."

"He for sure gonna be surprised", he stepped aside, "he isn't home yet but you can wait in his room and I call him."

As said I entered the flat, it made me curious: "why isn't he home yet?"

A sharp exhale left Juan: "Properly in the mall with Benji. I mean the other Benjamin."

This made me even more curious: "Do they hang out often?"

Juan rolled his eyes: "I really don't want to get involved in your-"

I cut off his sentence: "You are not getting involved, I'm just interested."

"You are jealous.", he stated with a glare. "maybe"

I walked with my suitcase in the direction of Jorges room.

A smile spread across my face when I saw our pictures taped over his desk.

His room changed a little since my last visit. I sat down on his bed and scrolled through my phone waiting.

"Oh my God, you are here.", the voice of my boyfriend made me lookup about half an hour later. The door was wide open and a large grin spread across his features as he attacked me with a hug.

Laughing I pulled him close. Instantly I felt his body heat.

I buried my nose in his curls and smiled at the light smell of vanilla. "Jeyjey, baby, I missed you."


Guys, I'm so sorry for not updating lately. The thing is I have a boyfriend now and our relationship start was kind of tough, also this is my last year in school and since I go to a billingual school I have to graduate twice if that makes any sense.
Anyways I'm really sorry, I will update regular again💜💜💜

(The kiss between Jorge and Noen is in chapter 15🤘🏼🤘🏼)

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