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this is just part one so don't keep ur panties on...... Ill update when I can ^~^

from your awesome author *~*~*~* Anime221037

life sucked. school was a bitch and you are currently lonely. but you had the best boyfriend anyone could ask for... or at least had a wonderful boyfriend... you caught him cheating on you last month, who is this cheating dirt bag you might ask, well it is none other that the big bad boy of the whole school, Allen F. Jones.

*~ flashback ~* brought to you by Oliver's cupcakes~*~*~*

you were currently putting your heavy, torturous books in your locker after another horrible day in hell that people called school. "Nothing could make this day any worse" you said with an exhausted sigh. but unfortunately you were wrong... the "Bitch Trio" ,as you called them, came up to you...

"Hey slut, here's my homework" said the bitch leader as you closed your locker "I want my homework completed tomorrow morning!" .... "No" you stated flatly. "What?!?!" the bitch leader asks in anger. "I. Said.........no...."

then she kicks you in the stomach. You fall to the floor and before you could react she kicks you again. The other two bitches join in shortly after the first kick. You had a nose bleed and you were bruised. The "trio" laughed in triumph as you laid on the ground in pain.

just then you hear a voice you thought you'd never thought you would hear after school. the voice belonged to Allen F. Jones. "Scram you little whores" he said holding up his nail filled bat getting ready to strike. The bitch trio ran away faster than anything you've ever seen.

"You All right, Doll?" he asked as he held his hand out offering you help."I guess" you said with a slight blush in your cheeks. Soon after he walks you the nurse. your nose wasn't bleeding anymore but you still had bruises.

time skip to Allen walking you home.... because "aint nobody got time for that" and because I'm to lazy for detail~~~~~~~~~ ^.^

Walking next to Allen was getting awkward so you decided to start a conversation. "why did you help me?" you ask shyly. "Because i don't like the bitch that was hurting you and you look better with a smile" You looked at him with awe and gave him a simple thank you for saving you.

half way to your house it started to rain hard so you guys started running. once you made it to your house it was flooded so you're mom let him stay at your place until the rain stoped and the flood was gone.

it was weird having Al stay at your house. You haven't had a male in your house since your mom and dad got a divorce.

both you and Al sat on the couch eating cereal because your mom was too lazy to go food shopping and Al is a vegan. "thanks.....again....for helping me. I won't tell anyone you helped me if that's what you want....you know....since your the bad boy of the school...I bet you don't want anyone to know." you say looking down. "That's not necessary, since your my girl now." "What?!?!?!?" you ask with a face redder than a tomato. "I saved you didn't I?" he asks with a smirk on his face as he moves closer to you. Your faces are inches apart. You move backwards away from him. but he is still getting closer.... his smirk widens but right before the gap between you and him closes you fall off the couch with a big "THUD!" your mother runs to the living room "what happened!" she asks worried. You and Al look at each other than to your now shocked mom. "Uuuhhhh nothing... I just tripped" you say with a nervous laugh... "you tripped......backwards?" you mom sarcastically asks. "okay~ I always knew you were clumsy" ...... Al just rolls his eyes and says "nice excuse" "Well, I don't see you making up a good excuse" you stated defensively.......

the next day (saturday) he went back home. once he enters his house his best friend Lutz asks angrily "where the fuck have you been?!?!?!" "Out with my girlfriend" Al states proudly

Lutz just looks at him and smirks "well good luck" Lutz says in his rough accent.....

it took a while but you eventually got used to Al and your relationship built from there...........

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