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Deep sigh.

Hello. This story highly revolved on my desire to read for more Liskook fanfictions. Throwback to 2017, I was reading Liskook fanfictions and come 2018 of January, after experiencing lack of contents and somewhat an unsettled feeling care of SYNNICALS's Cardinal County... My impulsive self decided to write my version of Liskook.

This work is imperfect. I honestly think I lost the spark along the way... I wanted to try new things, challenge myself whilst writing as I have spent two years avoiding writing... but at some point things fell through.

The plot weakened, everything fell apart.

I promise you, this is a liskook story. Hang on tight from the twists and turns, read carefully, watch out for word plays, my 18 to 19 year old self was a scatter brain.

This is my first attempt on a full-length english work, fanfiction using real idol names even...

This is an imperfect story.
Perhaps a collection of original thoughts and inspirations from other works I've read and real life experiences (read: my real life experience, not the idols')

I honestly wanted a happy story, a simple Hey I am Lisa from Blackpink on a vacation story... but things happened.

To everyone who's read this and really tried their utmost best to comment and message me about how this story helped them, inspired them, thank you. To everyone who almost hated me because of the pairings, I am sorry. To everyone who keyboard smashed in the comments, I feel you too.

And to you, who might have stumbled upon this work for the first time. Prepare some tissue and some relaxants.

And comments are very much appreciated.

Won't hold you any longer,
Here's Tough Love, a Liskook fanfiction.

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