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•{ Tori's POV }•

After resting a little bit I hear a knock on my door. I go to open it for it to reveal Lorenzo.

"Can I come in?" Lorenzo asks

I nod and let him in moving out of the way then shutting the door behind him.

"I told Luca that you got the information. I didn't tell him about you. I didn't tell him because I think you should but it is your decision. I just told him Pietro traded sides because your father killed his."
Lorenzo tells me

"I'm planning on telling him that their after me and that more might come..but then I'm leaving." I tell Lorenzo

"Why are they after you?" Lorenzo asks

"It's personal. I don't know or trust you enough to just spill my darkest secret to you." I reply

"Fair enough. Are you ready to go talk to Luca?" Lorenzo asks

"Yeah. Wouldn't want to keep the boss waiting now would we?" I joke trying to lighten the mood

"No he can be very impatient."
Lorenzo jokes back

Lorenzo leads me down stairs to an office on the first floor. He knocks on the door and we here a come in so Lorenzo opens the door and I see Luca sitting behind a desk. Lorenzo gently pushes me in but whispers in my ear "He'll understand." Then Lorenzo shuts the door behind me leaving himself outside of the room.

Now it's just Luca and I.
I sit in front of Lorenzo's desk facing him.

"Tori, you should know that you've passed the test. The only thing left is the tattoo."
Luca tells me

"That doesn't matter now. I need to talk to you about something." I say seriously but calmly

"What is it that you wish to talk about?"
Luca asks seeming interested

"Pietro turned on you because my father killed his but that's not the only reason. The Russians were willing to work with him because they thought the girl they were looking for would come here." I tell him

"Did he say the girls name?" He questions

"Victoria." I answer

Luca just stares at me as if waiting for me to explain more.

"My full name is Victoria Nicole Miller. The Russians are after me. I didn't know that they were the mafia, if I did I wouldn't have came here. I don't know you but you deserve to know the truth..they're after me..so tonight I'm going to go back to New York." I tell Luca

His eyes show a lot of emotions but I don't know what ones...it's literally like a flood of emotions are behind his eyes.

"Why are they after you?" He asks with a different tone as if he's commanding the truth.

"I don't even know you and you want me to share my darkest secret with you?" I ask

He nods with a slight smile

"You better be glad that I already have some respect for you.....When my mother was sick I went out to a new club in New York with a few of my coworkers. That's where I met him.
I was at a tough time in my life and needed an escape. He watched me and it made me uncomfortable but eventually I was to tipsy to care then he came up and introduced himself. I just told him my name was Victoria and he brought me a drink only I didn't know he owned the club and he had the bar tender spike it. I don't remember much after that. I just woke up the next morning naked and in his bed with his cum stuck on me as if to mark his territory. I got up found my dress and snuck out. A few weeks later I saw him and a few of who I thought was his friends around the area where I lived so I had to become more careful.
I didn't know he would continue to search for me but now I'm assuming it has something to do with my mother and when the Russians attacked. I'm not sure what but if I had to guess I'm assuming it has to do with hatred for all of you..but that doesn't matter because I'm not going to give them more of a reason to come after you. I can protect myself so I'm going to leave before they know I'm here."
I finally finish my story

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