The Ultimate List of Top Travel Startups

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To keep up with the growing interests of the public, Canada has come out with some pretty intriguing and remarkable travel app and online platform startups.

1. Terra Icons: Finding Landmarks Using AR

According to the team: "All cities have landmarks or points of interest that help identify them, and that shouldn't be missed.

2. Hopper: Tracking Prices and Booking Travel

According to the team: "Hopper is the smart way to book travel on your phone. Combining massive amounts of data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopper predicts and analyzes airfare and accommodation to save users money and enable them to travel more often.

3. Priceline Group is an online travel agency for finding discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stay. A canadian Business man Darren Huston was the CEO of Priceline and, his challenge was to continue growing.

4. Betterez: Reservation and Ticketing Management Platform

Betterez offers flexible, scalable cloud-based enterprise software solutions for the Reservation and Ticketing Management (RTM) space, designed for travel, transportation and admissions companies who want to increase their direct sales and provide a streamlined user experience.

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