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•{ Tori's POV }•

When I said I would start the second step.
Marco led me to my new room which is stunning and then he told me to get dressed in exercising clothes. I did as he said. I opened the door after I finished changing and Marco was waiting for me. I followed him around the hall and door the stairs to what looked like a gym. It was huge and there was a ring in the middle of it.

I see my father, Luca, Francesco, Riccardo, Lorenzo, and Diego standing waiting for us.
Marco leads me over to them.

"We know you haven't been trained like we were before we got sworn in. We have decided to bend the rules if you decide you want to back out just tap the floor with your hand three times and it'll end. You will still be able to stay here being you are my daughter but you will remain in the dark like Elena and Angelina."
My father explains

"I understand." I reply knowing that I have no intention of giving up because I know I won't be able to stay in the dark and I'm also not about to be looked at like I'm weak and getting special treatment. I'm not that person.

"You will be fighting with one of our best fighters that Diego trained. He doesn't live here but he's one of the best. It's a fight until one of you get knocked out or die unless you give up."
Marco explains and I just nod my head

I hear shuffling sounds so I look in the ring and see a guy almost twice my size. He was built but being that built means he is probably slower than I am. I stop observing him so none of them catch on to what I'm doing.

"Is there anything else I should know?"
I ask

"It's strictly hand to hand combat no weapons. That's the only rule. Normally it's a fight to the death or until one of you knock the other out and being you are the first female to ever try to be sworn in we bent the rules. There isn't any shame in tapping out." Luca tells me

"We'll understand." Francesco says and everyone nods expect Marco and Diego

"Do we start now?" I ask ignoring them already assuming I'm weak and willing to give up.

"As soon as you walk into the ring."
Luca says

I nod and swiftly turn and walk into the ring then I bend the ropes and step in like a pro.
I finally feel relaxed for the first time since my mothers death..I look at the guy and he says "Boss are you serious you want me to fight the girl?" He turns to look at Luca and Luca just nods and the guy looks at me and says "Are you seriously going to go up against me? You haven't been trained! Your a girl! Girls don't get sworn in!"

Well he's sexist but I remain calm and I just look him dead in the eyes and say "What is with people just assuming...now are you going to convince me that women aren't cut out for the mafia or what?"

He takes that as a challenge like I knew he would. He comes running at me let him think he's scarring me by faking fear on my face.
He almost stops but to keep playing with him I didn't do anything because I'm sure the others realized it. He gets right at me and try's to kick me back but I duck at the last minute making him surprised so he try's to kick me again but this time I slide and end up behind him and kick him in the back making him fall forward off balance. He's pissed but finds his balance.

He turns around and try's to swing at me but I do a back bend avoiding it then I quickly raise back up and kick his legs out from underneath him. He gets angrier just like I planned.

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