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Russells of the leaves can be heard throughout the woods.

A small wolf pup is hunting looking for food for him and his pack.

Ice Wolves were taught from when they were able to walk to hunt and provide for their packs.

This little pup was named Frost, he was chosen to be the next pack leader. His father and mother always expected a lot out of little Frost, and he tried his best to live up to their expectations. But that wasn't easy for a five year old pup.

Frost was running throughout the forest while zipping through trees.

Frost is running when his paws grip on something, ending with him falling flat on his snout.

Frost brushes himself off and picks himself up.

Frost goes to what he tripped on and is dumbfounded.

It was a small boy lying on the ground uncounious.

The boy is shivering from the cold and is pale and skinny.

The boy was about Frost's age but he looked so helpless lying on the ground inches away from death.

Frost sniffed the boy with his nose to see if he was alive.

Frost found that he was alive , but just barely.

Frost transforms human and touches the boy to find that his body was ice cold.

Frost picks the boy up.

The boy shivers and then curled up against Frost's chest as he seemed to lighten up in his arms.

Frost thinks of bringing the boy back to his pack, but they wouldn't approve up Frost having this boy.

But the boy was freezing cold and would die any moment if Frost left him there.

He had to do something, right?

Frost starts running through the forest quickly. But not so quick  becuase he was holding the boy in his arms.

The boy continues to shiver and whimper  in Frost's arms.

"Shh, Shh, it's okay. You're safe. I'll get you to safely, I promise." Frost soothes.

The boy opens his eyes slightly and smiles slightly at Frost.

Frost continues to run until he finds a small villiage.

He finds a doorstep and leaves the child there, while ringing the doorbell and knocking.

A woman comes to the door and Frost hides in the bushes.

The woman picks the child up and just befor they go inside, the boy catches the slight glimpse of a white tail flash in the tree.
There you guys go! And just wondering, should I keep doing this story in third person or POV's? And which POV, Frost's, Dameion's, or Alternating?

Let me guys know in the comments what you want!

Peace out!


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