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We seemed to arrived at Peter's location and that's when I spot him sitting on the edge of a small building. That's not all I saw though.

Steve and I slowly come down to his level and once he notices us he face immediately pales. He was in the Spider-Man suit but with the mask off.

" you got a lot of explaining to do," I inform him sternly.


Peter's pov:

I can't believe what is happening. Did my identity really just get revealed to Tony and Steve. This can't be happening.

I tried so hard to keep it a secret and now it was all for nothing.

I could tell by the looks of their faces that I wasn't going to easily get out of this one.


Once we got home the lectures began. First with Tony saying how he was more upset with how I lied to them more than the fact that I was  sneaking out every night to be Spider-Man.

Maybe I should of just told them from the start. Maybe things would of gone a lot better and they wouldn't of been as upset. It's too late now though. I just hope they let me continue to be Spider-Man and if they don't I don't know what I'll do. Being Spider-Man is everything to me. It's the only time I get to be someone else and feel a sense of freedom. They just can't take that away from me.

" yeah peter he's right. You should of come to us before we had to figure it out on our own," Steve scolds me.

" look, I'm sorry! I just didn't know how you would react," I try defending myself.

" we would of been okay with it because you would of came to us before hand but now you just lost that privilege," Tony reprehends this time.

I stare back at them in utter defeat. I don't know what to say. I know I should of told them.

" so can I still be Spider-Man?" I ask in a pleading tone.

" well your grounded from being Spider-Man for 2 weeks and then after that we'll see," Tony answers. I immediately sigh in relief. I can deal with not being Spider-Man for 2 weeks.

" and maybe we can even see about making you a proper suit," Tony suggests.

" oh yes please! thank you!" I slightly jump up and down with excitement. I then start to ramble on about what I want the suit to be like before I get silenced by Tony.

" remember your still grounded so we won't be discussing your suit until two weeks mister," Tony reminds me which causes me to sigh in disappointment.

" so I can't even talk about it?" I question him with slight sarcasm.

" yes, not a word. Now get to bed spider boy," Tony scolds.

" it's Spider-Man," I correct him.

" yeah not with that onesie it's not," Tony teases causing me to pout back at him.

Do you think what tony and Steve did was fair?

Do you think Peters going to make it through the whole two weeks?

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