Chapter 28: Goldy's Secret

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Robin’s POV

I sighed in pleasure, overseeing Camelot City in the distance along with the others as we marched our homesick arsches back to camp. I could still remember last week’s feeling of absolute feat when Red emerged from the castle, clutching on a shimmering rose made entirely out of gold.

As we approached the borders, the walls that separates and guards King Stephen’s regions crumbled down when we tried to cross it and upon doing so, we were greeted by a whole rank of knights, real ones though.

Frau Holle seemed to know that we could win and requested a handful of Pendragon students to ‘extract’ us on the spot the moment they saw us. We were driven back until the outskirts of their academy.

We stopped by the three fairies’ cabin for a few days to rest and at last, we are about to cross Camp Grimwilhelm’s border as Ella looked in curiosity as the yellow bricked road ended on a certain spot where an arc of stone stood right in front of us.

“What do we do now?” She says.

“We just have to wait for the magic” I said teasingly while Red rolled her eyes at me.

I sat on the ground just like the others, waiting patiently for the border to open. It’s impossible to cross unless the headmistress inside willed it to.

Snow pulled out a tie in her head as her long ebony hair swayed down as I looked at her, feeling guilty when she faced at me since the right side of her hair was cut off, leveled by her shoulders because of what I did. She stared back and smiled as I cleared my throat in anxiousness.

“Won’t you cut the left side of your hair?” Ella asked as she made a sour face.

“I’m really sorry for that, Snow” I blurted out as Red’s lips slowly stretched to a smile.

“No, it’s ok. I kinda like it better this way actually” Snow replied before smiling.

“You’re right. You look much prettier with that new look” Red agreed.

I faced away in guilt, listening to their girly talks when the air faltered.

“Finally, yes!” I exclaimed as the girls behind me picked themselves up.

The area within the arc was totally diverse to the surroundings as we let ourselves walk into the mystic walk-in.

“Wow” Ella said in amazement as the two manors in the distance gleamed in the sunlight, towering all the other cabins where classes are supposed to happen.

Sounds of campers laughing filled our ears while Camp Grimwilhelm carried its daily routine.

The smell of nutmeg and musk made me teary eyed. I could see arrows flying at the Mundana class and a requiem of chanted spells in the Arcana. The green grasses danced in a hymn as the cool lake air cradled it along the lush trees jutting around the camp.

“I know right?” Red boasted as she pulled Ella with her as Snow followed. Campers were running around and training themselves when someone in a dirty jumper noticed us.

“They’re back!” Pinocchio yelled as everyone halted to a stop.

“They’re here, everyone. Red and the others are here!” He continued as everyone boomed in cheer and almost created a stampede as they greeted us with huge smiles in their faces. Campers from both houses made a blue and white crowd as they looked at the girls in admiration.

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