Home Sweet Home

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Life takes us to many unexpected places, Love brings us Home!

Akira's pov

The Rathore Jet landed and Vikram and I bid farewell to The Rajvanshis and my parents. Smriti stayed since they had a reception at the Rathore Mansion and then from their, her official Vidaai will happen.

Kartik quickly gave a kiss on her forehead and said - See you tonight Princess!
Smriti hugged him and gave him a quick peck to which Vikram just rolled his eyes and vidit and kiyara giggled.

And That reminded me of my daring Husband. He fricking kissed me...not once...but twice!
But what is bothering me that...why did I let him dominate me that way!
Why do I always let him overpower me?
I was stunned when he pecked me first...but then why did I not protest when he kissed me for the second time?

That's because may be you have started to accept him around you!
Oh! You please shut up!

Anyways, let's just reach home and settle the immediate requirements and then I will talk to him.

He has to follow certain rules around me!
I can not let him touch me like that.

Well you must be wondering where am I and to whom am I talking. First, Well I am self talking and secondly, I am sitting in a fricking Limo with my husband on driving seat and Smriti at the back seat with the kids.
And I am sure Mr. driver cum Husband is stealing glances at me.!

This man really needs some manners!

My chain of thoughts halted when the car reached the humongous doors of the Rathore mansion....our new Home!

The Entire mansion was decorated and all the staff member were present to welcome us!

An elderly staff asked me to kick the holy kalash and then enter as this is my first time entering the mansion after marriage.

I did as I was told. And Vikram followed with kids and Smriti.
And surprisingly, There were our marriage pictures mounted on the wall and the entire floor felt like Home!

Soon, we ate our lunch and i asked Smriti to take rest as in the evening she has to get ready for Reception.

Vikram led me to OUR room along with Kiyara and Vidit. We settled kids in their attached room and I wanted to set my luggage.
So, I asked Vikram - Um...Mr. Rathore, where should I keep my clothes?

Wherever you want Mrs. Rathore! The entire mansion is yours, besides the left door has a walk in closet. And stop calling me Mr. Rathore....i have a name! That is Vikram, I hope you remember that! - he replied smirking

Look! I am very tired to argue with you right now! Let's just happily work out Smriti's reception and then we will have a proper conversation about all this! Even you have to remember many things. - I spoke in a bored way

He was about to say something when his phone rang. It was a video call from Tayi maa sa. He gave me his mobile and went to get freshen up.
I received the call and She asked me to get Mehndi done on my hands since it was not done earlier. And there was another bomb, Vikram and I will be introduced as an official couple later in the evening to the guests. I wanted to deny but her hopeful eyes had me wrapped, so I couldn't say no....

And That's when I felt a presence right behind me...hot breaths fanned my ears and a strong citrus and something like a cinnamon scent hit my nostrils making my breath hitched. It seems He has a great choice in fragrances!

Vikram had bend to my level and his face was just a few inches away from mine. I forgot to speak but then I heard him say - Tayi maa, is it really required? I mean, it's Smriti's reception....i don't want to deviate the subjects and besides, kids might not be comfortable for such attention. I will introduce Akira and Vidit later.

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