Part 7

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Clay POV

   What the heck? He didn't just tried to kiss me, did he? But why did he stop?

   Clay stood there unable to speak or to do something, his face still being a blushing mess. He was trying to clean up his mind and to stop the blush on his face. He heard Vincent sighing and then the boy turned back to him. Clay took his face and, before the guy could do anything, he pressed his lips into the smaller guy's lips. Vincent responded to that, his eyes going wide, and blushed even harder when Clay broke apart. With a smirk on his face Clay looked over the speechless boy next to him.

"No homo right?" Clay told him with a smile, the French guy just nodded covering his face.

   I just... yeah. I did that. His lips, his lips are so soft, but how? I think it's going to be an interesting week.
    Clay laid back on the pillow and covered himself with the blanket. He looked one more time at the embarrassed guy and closed his yes, drifting into sleep.

Vincent POV

    He is so chill about this. What the fuck? He has just kissed a guy, his friend, above all of this, and he seems so cool with it. What the heck man? But still, he only let me taste his lips.... or I let him taste mine? Either way that seemed so... right? I mean, that was ok, he said 'No homo' and... that is ok in this point of view. But still, why did he do that? He doesn't make any sense.
     A little sigh woke up Vincent from his thoughts. He turned around and saw Clay quietly sleeping. His mouth formed a little smile. Clay was such an angel when he was sleeping, Vincent couldn't help but smile at his peaceful face.


    Vincent woke up from Zak slamming the door behind him. He got up from the bed and walked to see what was happening. Zak was wet from head to toe, breathing rapidly and his eyes being red, probably from crying. Vincent turned on his panic mode and dragged him in his embrace, not caring that he was all wet.

"What happened...?" Vincent asked trying to calm the smaller one down.
"You need to go find him, Vince. Please he is out there, he protected me and he is... oh my, Vince!" Zak started crying again.
"Ok, don't panic I'm going now!"

   Vincent, as soon as possible, put on some shoes and a jacket, then rushed out of the door.

    What the fuck happened? Where is Darr... oh God. What the fuck did they do?

"Darryl? DARRYL YOU CAN HEAR ME? Please answer me. Say something please Darryl!" Vincent called an ambulance then called Zak to come down.
"Is... is.. Zak... ok?" he tried to say.
"Yes. Now look at me, and stay awake. Zak is going to be here along with the ambulance. Can you stay awake. Let's breath, slowly. Yeah, like that and tell me what you know about yourself."


    Vincent let Zak go with Darryl in the ambulance and he was now in Clay's room panicking when his phone rang. He was walking back and forward looking at the ground. Before he could know, he was in the bed with Clay's arms around him. He was tense, he was afraid that he could lose a good friend and the person that cared the most for all of them. Clay put his head into Vincent's neck and sighed slowly.

"You still didn't tell me what happened" he mumbled muffling into Vincent's neck making Vincent's whole body shiver because of Clay's cold lips on his hot neck.
"Could you not do this? Leave me alone. I'm too afraid to snuggle or cuddle with anyone, and you only make this harder. Now... I want to cry if i can. Please and thank you..." Vincent said taking Clay's head from his shoulder.

    He tried to stand up but Clay didn't let him. He saw something was wrong, and Vincent knew that. He signed and started to tell him all. Clay stood there making the French boy feel comfortable and snuggling in his chest when he finally finished. Vincent start to play in his hair carefully, not to hurt the boy. He accidentally pulled his hair, hearing a little muffled sound coming from Clay. Vincent's face immediately flushed red, when his mind thought about what that was.

    Vincent let go of Clay's hair sighing. Clay lifted his head just to see the boy staring at the wall. Clay wanted to do something, but he wasn't sure if Vincent was going to enjoy. They were not a couple so far, but Clay now wished to be on top of Vincent leaving him some kissing marks on his fragile neck, he found his weak spot, and now he was happy.

      Vincent started crying he didn't know what to do, and nobody could help him now, not even Clay's touch. Clay cupped Vincent's face and wiped his tears away.

"Hey. Don't cry. He's going to be ok." Clay told Vincent slowly.
"But he seemed so bad. I'm going to be here for 4 more days and he can't get better in that time." Vincent mumbled among all the tears that came down from his eyes.
"Can you concentrate on one thing? Are u good at this?" Clay said sadly.
"I-I t-think s-so?" Vincent looked back into Clay's eyes.
"Not on that. On this, ok?" Clay pushed himself on the top on Vincent cuddling in his chest.

   Is he ok? He is o-on... top the of me. Oh God. But he is just trying to comfort me, isn't he? It's nothing special. Or maybe... ? No, that would be gay. 

   Vincent started drawing circles on Clay's back. Feeling Clay relax slowly. A smile crossed Vincent's face, Clay was too cute to be now here. He slowly stopped crying and fell asleep.

🌠2 hours later 🌠

Vincent was woken up by his phone's vibrating. He didn't remember anything from the time before he felled asleep. But he felt a big weight on his chest. He rubbed his eyes trying to figure out who it was and what happened. But he heard again his phone.

"Ye-yeah?" Vincent said whispering.
"OMG VINCENT! WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER?" Zak shouted through the phone.


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