Chapter 16

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   (Third Person POV)

  Jeff and (Name) walked down the hall to find Slender Man's office.

  "Geez... how many halls are there?" (Name) laughed slightly. Jeff shrugged his shoulders, "Well... there are a lot, but this IS a mansion after all. This mansion is full of surprises sometimes."

  "Understandable. I just dreamt of being here ever since I started reading up on Creepypasta. But, I always thought I was the "weird" kid or the "freak". But, I always thought I wasn't good enough to be here and where I am now. Sometimes, I still think that now." She sighed.

  "Look... I may not be the nicest person here and I might be a cold-hearted killer, but I'm not just going to stand here, listening to your false accusations about who you are, where you stand as a person, and what you think about yourself like that. I mean, sure we're killers, but we all have our soft spots. I'm not saying that I have one, but that's beside the point-" Jeff looked at you with an intense; cold stare, but continued anyway, "-All I'm saying is that you need to be careful of what you say because I don't want you saying a lot a crap about us and about yourself, ok?"

  (Name) stood there wide eyed and shocked about Jeff's sudden mood change. But, she nodded her head slowly, "Ok. Thanks, Jeff. I can't even begin to imagine what you guys' had been through, even before I came along."

  Jeff grunted. "It's fine. But, don't think that I'm going soft on you, because I'm not. And probably never will." Jeff mumbled. That last part crushed your heart into pieces, but you shook it off.

  (Name) looked at Jeff worriedly, to see that he's twitching insanely, and his hands are shaking. "J-Jeff... are y-you o-ok?" She tried to touch his shoulder in comfort, only for Jeff to quickly snatched her wrist, holding hit tightly in his hand to the point it almost turned purple. And she whimpered, trying to pry off his hand from her wrist, only to find that his grip was just too strong.

"Dont. Touch. Me." Jeff growled, more like spat.

(Name) jumped back, startled at Jeff's sudden outburst. Her heart rate beated rapidly, her body was shaking; terrified of what Jeff will do next. She massaged her wrist, only to find a dark purple ring around her wrist where Jeff gripped it. She winced every time she touched it, but kept it safe for the next time.

  Jeff sighed, "Look, Slender's office is just down the end of the hall. I just... need to be alone for a while." Jeff said angrily, not making eye contacted with (Name).

  'Wow.. one minute he's nice... and then... he's like a bat out of hell. What happened to him?' (Name) thought in worry.

  "O-ok. Thanks." And she walked away quickly before things got out of hand, and before Jeff snaps. He looks like he's at his breaking point.

  Jeff just looked at her, walking fast down the hallway. When he saw her stop in front of his office door, he stomped away in fustration.

  (Name) knocked three times on the enormous door.

  "Come in, child." Slender said.

  She stepped in, "Sit down, child. We have much to discuss about why you're here."

  (Name) hesitated before sitting down.

  Slender sighed, "Alright, let's start, shall we?" Slender leaned over the table, folded his hands, while staring staring at her.

  (Name) nodded slowly, "O-ok."

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