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Seoul, South Korea


" Where's that stupid⎯⎯⎯ Oh there he is!"

I shot up from my bed when I heard someone barging into my room, to find a mint coloured hair guy who seemed slightly older than me, standing by the door.

" Wh⎯⎯⎯ Who are you?" I stuttered and rubbed my eyes a few times to check if it was just a hallucination.

" Who are you?" He threw the question back to me as he slowly approached me.

" She's my sister." Woong who was also woken up by the ruckus, sat up as he stared at the latter. " What are you doing here Woojin?"

" We have school remember?" Woojin questioned as Woong sighed in frustration. " I'll go and wash up first⎯⎯⎯ Don't do anything stupid." He warned Woojin before leaving for his shower.

" Hi!" Woojin waved his hand in front of me as his little snaggletooth peeked out of his smile. " Hi." I awkwardly waved back and immediately broke eye contact with him.

" Don't you have school or anything like that?" He asked as he looked around my empty room.

" Did you not hear about the infamous Jeon Woong's sister murdering her friend's mother?" I mumbled which seemed to catch his attention.

" Wasn't the murderer Eun something? Come to think of it, you kinda look like Eunbi." He took a closer look at my face, only for me to push him away.

" I'm Eunbyul. Eunbi and I are twins." I deadpanned.

" Cool... Wait so that means you're⎯⎯⎯ you're the murderer?" He whispered as his eyes widened in shock.

" I didn't do it! I wasn't the one!" I raised my voice in anger. This guy over here is starting to really get on my nerves!

" Okay chill girl. Chill." He fanned my face while sitting beside me.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance as I slapped his hands away. " Aren't you afraid of me?" I turned to him in curiosity.

Usually, people would just avoid me but he seemed completely unbothered by the rumour.

" Why would I be afraid of you? Initially, I was slightly intimidated by you but you look like a nice person. Plus weren't you the one who said that you're not the murderer?" He replied with a small smile on his face.

" You believe me?"

" Yeah, I do. If Woong hyung believes in you then I'll believe in you too." He chirped and bounced off the bed, but soon changed his expression to a serious one. " The truth is, I murdered someone before too." He muttered under his breath yet I could hear him so clearly.

" W⎯⎯⎯ What?" I stuttered in shock as I timidly backed away from him in which he burst out laughing. " I⎯⎯⎯ I'm just kidding! Did you see the look on your face!" He laughed loudly as he clutched onto his stomach.

" YA!" I shouted in anger as I threw my teddy bear that was on the bed, in his face. "You're dead⎯⎯⎯"

" What's happening here? I told you not to do anything stupid right?" Woong who just came out of the shower scolded Woojin.

" She's the stupid one. Not me." Woojin pointed to me while Woong and I glared at him in unison. " Hyung, do you know that she has a twin sister?" He went to Woong side as he whispered into his ear.

" I think you're the stupid one here Woojin. I'm their brother." He rolled his eyes at Woojin before walking towards me.

" This is Eunbyul. My other sister which you already know is Eunbi. The only way to differentiate them is by their eye colours. Eunbyul has brown eyes and Eunbi has⎯⎯⎯" Woong paused for a while, trying to remember what Eunbi's eye colour was. " Black. Her eyes are black in colour." I quickly jumped into the conversation.

Woong simply shrugged it off and walked over to my closet as he swiftly took out a stack of neatly folded uniform before placing it on my lap.

" You'll be going to school from today onwards." He said as he motioned me to change into the uniform.

I only have 6 more months to live and he wants me to go to school? Oh right... He doesn't know about it yet.

" What are you waiting for? We have to go now!" Woojin shrieked and pushed me into the bathroom.

I quickly changed into my uniform and took a quick glance at my reflection in the mirror.

" I just have to live with this for 6 more months. Get it together Jeon Eunbyul." I turned on the tap and splashed my face with cold water, before rushing out of my room.


" I can't believe you let her sit with us," Eunbi complained as she sat beside Jinyoung.

We were supposed to have breakfast together since the 5 of us go to the same school but it seems like I'm not welcomed here.

" I told her to sit with us," Woong said as he placed a bowl of rice in front of me. " Eat."

Woong was the oldest person at the table so nobody dared to talk back to him and simply ate their meal quietly.

" We ran out of food in the house so someone has to get the groceries after school today. Who is free to get them today?" Woong asked as everyone avoided his eyes.

" I'll do it⎯⎯⎯" I paused and turned to Jinyoung who said the exact same thing as I did.

" Then the two of you shall get all the groceries today," Woong ordered as Eunbi sulked. " Oppa, why does she get to go with Jinyoung?"

" Then do you want to go instead?" He asked which kept her mouth shut.

There was a moment of silence before Jinyoung stood up and turned to me. " I'll meet you at your class after school today." He simply muttered before walking off.

How does he know where my class is when I don't even know where it is?

" Don't try anything funny on him Jeon Eunbyul or you're dead." Eunbi glared at me.

" Why would you care if they go on a little date huh?" Woojin questioned, causing Eunbi to get even angrier.

" He's mine." She spat and walked out of the house in anger only for Jinyoung to reluctantly chase after her.

D⎯⎯⎯ Date? There's no way that Jinyoung would agree to that.

Or... Would he?

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