Chapter 16

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Ugh, its only chapter 16 guys and I'm already running out of ideas! Comment some??  :). Btw thanks for 1.27k reads!!!!!!! Love You Guys.

<3 Terrilynn


I lay in my bed, all sprawled out. Butterflies still swarmed my stomach. I haven't had a kiss from him in a long time. I missed his soft lips. Although they're all chapped up now.

I hear my bedroom door creek open. "C'mon Ash time for that run we're supposed to go on." I hear Glenn say. I get up out of my bed and pull on my combat boots. I put my knife in its little sheath and throw an empty duffle bag over my shoulder.

Although we have a lot of supplies, its mostly food and we don't have a lot of clothes. We're taking Glenn, Daryl, Carol, and Me. We pack up the car and head out. '

(At the store)

"Alright, we need clothes for the winter. Coats, blankets, gloves, hats. Especially for Judith and Bradley. We're gonna split into to two's Daryl and Ashlynn, me and Carol. Meet back here in the most two hours." Glenn tells us.

We nod our heads and start looking. Daryl and I start at a kids store called "Kids Korner." When we walk in there's only two walkers that need to be killed. After only a few minutes, I already have a few blankets and two winter coats for Judith. I put that stuff in my bag and continue looking.

"Hey Daryl?"


"Did that kiss mean anything to you last night?" I ask. He's quiet for what seems like forever.

"Yeah." He finally answered, "I honestly don't know why I left ya. It was stupid, really stupid."

"So, what now?" I ask, picking up a few flannel shirts for Bradley. He's quiet again. "Stop taking forever to answer me!" I whine.

"This," he says turning me around and planting a big kiss on my lips. I kiss back almost immediately. Our lips moved in sync, just like how they used to. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.  

This is wrong, "Daryl, no." I say pushing him back. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I turned around and continued looking for clothes. 

"jackpot." I mumble. I pick up the two winter outfits. One boy outfit and one girl outfit. If they're a little big, its okay because they can grow into them. There was also a big fuzzy blanket and fleece pajamas. 

"Daryl, my bag's full, I'm going to put it in the car." I say, I hear him reply with a grunt and I head outside. 

The familiar groans of the dead make me stop short. Hundreds of walkers fill the street fro one side to the other. The smell hits me like a ton of bricks. I guess being in that hotel for so long makes you forget the horrid smell of death. 

I gulp down and hold my nose. "Son of a dick that smells like crap." I say under my breath. I make my way back to the store Daryl and I were in. 

"Daryl? There's a shit load of walkers roundin' the corner, comin' our way." I yell into the store. I hear him mumble a curse and run outside. He throws his stuff into the truck and runs to get Glenn and Carol. 

I run close behind him. We both run into the store and warn Carol and Glenn of the walkers. "We have to get back to camp and warn them. We might have to leave again." Glenn explains. We all nod and quietly make our way to the car.  

Daryl starts up the car and speeds down the open road. 

~~Back at the Hotel~~ 

"Pack all yer shit up and be prepared to leave!" Daryl yells as we make our way into the hotel. 

"W-what do you mean?" Madeline asks Daryl. He's ignores Madeline and runs upstairs to pack up all of his belongings. 

"Maddie, just go upstairs and pack up your stuff. Okay, and make sure Ryan knows to pack his stuff too."  I say as calmly as possible. She nods her head and runs upstairs. 

I rub my head. We've lived so nicely the past few weeks and now, there's a herd of walkers coming to overrun our sanctuary. 


Its very short and I understand that, but like I said in the beginning. I don't have any ideas please, I'm like begging you guys to give me some ideas. Please??I probably won't use them until Chapter 18 because I'm gonna be writing about stuff dealing with the situation in this chapter in chapter 17. Again please comment some stuff please????

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