Chapter 2 Hot climbing

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Next day, a call came through to the help desk. Dave looked it over and smiled widely.

"Hey, Jake," he called to his colleague.

"What?" Jake wondered.

"Your favourite user needs your help again."

"Which one?"

"Emmie, of course. Do you have more than one skirt chasing you?"

Jake groaned.

"Her again?"

"I think she's got the hots for you, man."

"I wouldn't be too sure," Jake countered.

"She has the record in delivering the most support calls. What other reason can there be for her enthusiasm?"

Jake knew exactly what the reason was, but Dave didn't need to know that. He could figure it out for himself.

"What has she ruined this time?"

"The printer has jammed. And listen to this. She writes: 'Don't send Jake.' Hilarious. Does she want help or not?"

Dave laughed.

"Good, then you can handle her this time," Jake concluded.

"Naw. I can't ruin her fun. Go and dazzle her with your charm, buddy."

Jake just murmured something before he headed for the door.


"So, what's the problem this time?" Jake asked Emmie when he met her in the printer room.

"You again? Does no else work at helpdesk?"

"Sure, but you've scared them away. "

"For heaven's sake," Emmie replied. "I'm not scary."

"Besides, they tend to shovel all your requests into my lap, so I'm not surprised. They think you fancy me."

"Do they? A bunch of morons, it seems."

"Ouch. You shouldn't play with my feelings. I might get upset," Jake protested.

"Are you going to help me or not?" Emmie wondered.

"Do you have a real issue this time, you mean?"

"Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered. Getting help from you IT guys is like extracting water from a rock."

"Not if it's really urgent. Or life-threatening."

"If it was life-threatening, I would have called another number. "

"I see that you didn't take my advice regarding cleavage," Jake interrupted as he looked at her blouse all buttoned up.

"Are you the fashion police or help desk?"

"Both when needed."

"I don't need your help in the fashion department."

"I can be very useful for a number of things," Jake said suggestively. "A hot-blooded woman like you should show more skin."

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