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•{ Tori's POV }•

"Princess..your castle awaits." I hear a males voice say so I open my eyes to see Marco.

"You are a light sleeper." Marco states

"Yeah I thought we agreed I wasn't a princess and I definitely don't have a castle." I reply

"No I never agreed. Because in the Mafia world you are technically royalty and the main house is as near to a castle as you get." Marco says

"Do I have time to freshen up and change?"
I ask him

"Yes there's a bathroom right over there. Elena is in the bedroom getting ready herself..and I've already done what I had to do."
Marco tells me

"Okay." I say simply then grab my carry on bag and get in the bathroom and wash my face. Use some girl products and add a little makeup, deodorant, and perfume. Then I slip on my clothes for today and put everything else back in my bag. I walk out and see Elena and Marco waiting for me.

"Not that you weren't pretty last night in an exercise outfit with no makeup but you are gorgeous." Elena tells me

"Thank you." I say politely even though compliments make me feel awkward.

"V isn't even gonna know how to handle the information much less you." Marco says

"What is that suppose to mean?" I ask

"That he's extremely protective. He isn't going to like the fact that you are about to attract every males attention." Marco explains

"Well lets go see shall we?" Elena asks

I nod and give her a slight smile.
Elena leads the way with me following behind her and Marco behind me. As soon as we walk off the jet I see a limo.

"Do you really have so many people dying that you just decided to buy a limo so you don't keep having to rent one?" I ask jokingly even though I know it's not the reason.

"Our people do die from time to time....but as far as the limo goes we use it for celebrations like home arrivals and don't worry all of your bags are already in there." Marco says

"Good. Thanks." I responded

The three of us get in the limo.

"Are you ready for this?" Marco asks

"Probably not but I'll be fine." I reply

"You'll be safe no matter what, I promise." Elena says

"I'm not worried. I just don't like not knowing the outcome. It more annoying then worrying."
I tell them

"Not good with surprises?" Marco asks

"I handle them well, I just hate them." I reply

"You really are V's daughter." Marco jokes

"My mother says I took more after him than her, when comes to personality." I tell him

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