Chapter 16 - Part 2

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Suddenly, Daniel disappeared. In fact, the whole room vanished. It was only darkness, everywhere I look. But I could still see my hands. And see through my hands! There was a faint glow all over my body. And I was floating.

I was no longer in pain. My mind clear. I tried touching my neck, feeling for holes but instead my hand went through my neck like a breeze.


The voice said inside my head, like an echo.

"Who are you?" I shouted at the darkness.

You called for me.

"Herack Mea, Azgarmoth..." Suddenly, the translation came to me. "Hear me, Azgarmoth. I—I summoned you!"

There was a deep rumbling in my head, a burst of long and insidious laughter.

And I answered.

"Where am I?" I asked, still looking around. "And where are you?"

Two slits appeared on the wall of darkness, revealing huge, red eyeballs the size of a two-story house, staring down at me. The same eyes as the Shade's. I should have been scared. But instead, I feel confident, strong, with no fear of death.

At the threshold of your dimension and mine. The same place that greedy cultist was when he first offered me his soul.

"Daniel...this is where he made the pact."

"And do you have something to give me, Virgo?"

It wants to make a pact. Like with Daniel. But what could I offer? What could it possibly want? I thought about Daniel. He offered his soul to give this thing influence in our dimension, creating the Shade. But now, the Shade is in Daniel's control, leaving him no way of influencing our dimension.

"It's Vergil," I said. "And yes, I do have something for you."

The eyes stared at me. The voice inside my head stayed quiet.

"Daniel took control of your powers," I said. "And you want it back, right? I will give you permission to enter our dimension but only to take back Daniel."

Is that what I want?

"But...don't you want to be in control, again?"

The darkness parted, revealing a beautiful door that is made of light, the symbols of the zodiac is etched on it in a circle. Each symbol was glowing brightly, equidistant to one another. But what caught my attention were the scratches on its surface.

What I want is for this door to open.

"The seal...forget it. There's no way I'm going to do that."

Then will you watch your friends die, instead?

"I..." I open this door, they enter our dimension. What's a group of kids compared to the rest of our universe? It's not even a competition. But I find myself hesitating. "Why not asked that of Daniel from the beginning?"

His light is weak. He wouldn't even scratch its surface. But yours...yours is blinding!

"But there are twelve zodiacs. I can't open them all. I mean, if I try."

No. But you only need to open one.

"Virgo...But the door remains closed, right?"

Yes. Without the other eleven, it will remain closed.

"Which means you still can't enter our dimension, right? So there's no harm done?"

And I will take Daniel away, saving you and the rest from death. You will see your parents again. Go to Ocean Park.

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