You/Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Sansa and Arya Stark - AntiHero

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Summary: You're not liked 

Prompt by: Rexburn12

"Are we seriously going to just take him to jail?"

Your hands were on fire, ready to burn the guy up at the first sound of their permission. 

"We don't kill people, (y/n). We simply bring them to justice."

"Justice?! Then go ahead and tell the family of the victims why their justice just means that the asshole is just throw in jail without any repercussions. He gets all those luxuries and could even be allowed to leave if he behaves good. Tell me exactly how you would even consider that justice."

Barry looked around at all the police and firefighters that had surrounded the two of you. He knew this wasn't the time or place to discuss this but you refused to budge.

"Listen, (y/n), we aren't the judge. We can't decided who gets to live or die."

"That is ridiculous and you know it. You have all these powers you could use to do whatever you wanted and yet you just hand them over to incompetent people. No doubt that the guy will escape like last time."

"(y/n)! Now is not the time to be doing this. Report back to headquarters and I'll deal with all of this."

You mumbled something under your breath before disappearing in front of his eyes. You wanted to kill the bastard that had murdered all those innocent people but Barry refused. It looks like you would have to take matters into your own hands.


You had taken a nap while you waited for Barry to return, only to be woken up by a bunch of yelling coming from the central area of the labs. You carefully made your way over to listen on what they were saying. 

"She's a liability, Barry. She could very well kill the next guy and all the hard work we've done would have been for nothing. You need to throw her in a cell and lock her up before she hurts someone."

The rest of the comments were like that and you didn't bother to listen in. You had made up your mind. You needed to leave this Earth and head to another one. After quickly picking in some coordinates at random, you pressed the button to unlock and walked in without looking back.


You've been almost a year since you arrived in Westeros and you absolutely fucking loved it. The first person you had met had been Daenerys and you had quickly become attached to the fiery blonde. She was passionate and you couldn't help but be drawn to it. After showing your loyalty to her, you had soon become her most loyal trusted advisor, after Missandei. She allowed you to feed your need to kill others for justice. Even better was when the two of you ended up confessing your feelings to each other. It felt good being the right hand woman of one of the most powerful Queens in the earth. 

Soon after meeting Daenerys, you had met Sansa and Arya. They were both unique in their own way that neither you or Daenerys could help but be attracted to. It didn't take long to convince about the fact that the two of you were romantically interested in them and soon allowed for the Targaryens and Starks to join houses. The two had been wary at first but soon came to find out how much attracted you both were to them.

Cersei had been the only one that had first denied her attraction to the three of you. She claimed that you were all out to get her and neither of you could be trusted. It wasn't until you and the Stark women showed her how dedicated you would be to her if she gave in. Turns out, both Daenerys and Cersei loved the power they held over the three of you. They certainly did enjoy having not one or two but three powerful women on their knees, servicing them. 


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