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•{ Tori's POV }•

Today is a new day.
I drag myself out of bed and take a shower.
Then I do my makeup and leave my hair natural. I decide to go ahead and finish taking my mothers things to the shelter.

I run into the owner now that my mother passed her name is Cindy, and they were really good friends.

"I'm sorry for what your going threw with your mothers passing." Cindy says touching my arm

Oh Cindy. You have no idea.

"Thank you." I mumble politely even though that isn't what I wanted to say

"How are you doing dear?" Cindy asks me

"I'm doing my best. I wanted to run in and drop off some of my mothers things that she wanted the woman here to have." I tell her

"That's so kind. Will you be coming in to visit now that your mom passed?" Cindy asks

"I don't know. Maybe in the future but for right now I'm thinking about traveling." I reply

"That sounds exciting. I hope you'll come back and visit us one day." Cindy tells me

"I'll try my best." I respond with a slight smile

We say our goodbyes and then I take one last look at "Angel's Shelter" and then I head to the office to meet with my boss Diane Gray at "Gray's Designs".


I get to Gray's Designs and I go straight to Diane's office. I mutter a few hellos to my coworkers on the way but that's it.

I knock on her office door and I hear a come in so I walk right in and shut the door behind me.

"Tori sweetie, what are you doing here?
I thought I gave you some time off." Diane says

"I know. That's why I'm here. I came to ask for a favor." I tell her

"Go on..." She tells me

"Diane, you've been so great during these past few years and your an awesome boss. I can honestly never repay you for everything you've done for me but since my mother has passed I've found some information about my mothers younger years and I think instead of me being sad that she would want me to celebrate her life and travel to some places she went to when she was younger that I was." I tell her

"Well honestly Tori, I think you deserve it. You took care of your mother with such grace and you handled everything extremely well considering. Tori you are a bright, talented and beautiful young woman who has her whole future. I think traveling would be good for you. Where will you be traveling?" Diane replies

"Thank you..and I think I'm going to go to Italy. I've always wanted to go and hearing about my mothers experience makes me curious and want to see it for myself." I reply

"That's wonderful dear. I'm happy for you and if you decide to come back to New York. I'll always have a job for you." Diane tells me

"Thank you for everything." I tell her

She gets up from her desk chair and give me a hug and says "I'll miss you but I know Italy isn't about to know what hit them."

I lightly laugh because she has always told me I can manage to surprise anyone.

"They probably won't." I say

I go to walk out the door when I hear her say "And Tori, don't forget the sass."

"Yes ma'am." I reply

I leave her office and say bye to some of my coworkers then I go back to my apartment and start trying to track down the remaining of my family.


I find an old number for Elena in my mothers phone, that I haven't gotten rid of yet.

I just stare at it for an hour before I decide to woman up and just dial it from my mothers phone. After a few rings I hear a woman answer it in almost a whisper "Hello? Elise?"

"Is this Elena Moretti?" I ask

"Yes who is this?"

"Tori. Elise's daughter." I answer

I hear her gasp on the other end of the phone.

"Does Elise know your calling?"

"Um I would like to think so but she died a few weeks ago. I found out everything yesterday and I would really like to meet you."  I tell her

"Would you be willing to come to Italy if I got you flight? We could talk on the plane."

"Yes that sounds perfect. When?" I reply

"Where are you?"

"New York."

"Be at the airport at nine o'clock tonight and go where the private jets are. I'll send you directions in a text..for now I have to go."

"Ok." I say simply

Then the line goes dead.
In a few minutes Elena sends a text with the information. I start packing my things in my suitcases not knowing if I'll stay in Italy or not.
It depends on the talk with Elena.

Here goes nothing...

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