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Shalil laid uncomfortably on his tiny bed as he tried his best to ignore the agonizing pain that was shooting through his entire body. Shalil was trying to lay still as possible, but it hurt to breathe the guards really did a number on him and his cellmate Zayn.

Shalil heard Zayn groan in pain. He had a low tolerance for pain so did Shalil, but he refused to give the guards the satisfaction in seeing him hurt. The guards wanted to break Shalil and Zayn spirit but they stood their ground against them no matter how many beatings they got. They wanted to survive this hell hole in hopes they would go back to the free world with their loved ones.

Shalil had been in Calcasieu Correctional Center (CCC) for eight months, he had been transferred the day of his eighteenth birthday and it was the worst day of his life. He had been bunked with a fucking serial killer and Shalil was scared shit less but he wasn't about to play pussy in a moment like this. The man beat Shalil until he was unconscious.

Shalil had to stay in the infirmary for two weeks. When he got out they made him cell mates with Zayn who had only been there for a week. Shalil saw Zayn had bruises on his caramel skin and wondered if somebody beat his ass too.

Every week Zayn or Shalil were sent to the infirmary or solitary. Both were in horrible condition but they fought everyday to prove they weren't backing down from nobody. The guards locked Shalil and Zayn in a room together and beat them senseless trying their best to break the young men but they wouldn't fold for nobody.

They both made promises to always have each other back and look out for one another. After that day Zayn and Shalil fought anybody and everybody that step to them. They didn't win all the fights but they did they shit and that's all that mattered.

After three months of fighting off grown ass men Shalil ran across these old heads named Elijah and Amavi. Elijah and Amavi were well respected men and nobody that was anybody fucked with them not even the guards. Amavi liked Shalil and Zayn so he started looking out for them because he knew they were good kids and they didn't deserve to be in this hell hole living with murders, serial killer, rapists and lunatics they needed to be home with their folks. So, he and Elijah vowed to look out for them until they were released dates.

Being protected lasted for five months, Elijah and Amavi were sent to solitary for three weeks for killing a man that stepped to Shalil and Zayn. Since Elijah nor Amavi had not been there to look out for them Shalil and Zayn were getting into fights everyday. Zayn didn't know what the fuck was wrong with these people he thought everybody that tried him and Shalil had some kind of gay obsession on some weird shit.

Shalil turned over on his side wincing in pain. "You good Zay?" Shalil asked.

"Man fuck no bruh my head hurt so fucking bad, I swear them muthafuckas' gay as hell always wanting to jump on us." Zayn said staring at the ceiling.

"Always on our dicks bro like what the fuck we do to yall asses besides breathe the same oxygen them crackers ain't shit boy. Bet they asses won't fight me one on one when i'm healthy though I swear bro i'll beat they fucking ass." Zayn said ranting to Shalil like he always did when they came back to the cell.

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