chapter fifty two - I

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I honestly never thought I'd actually enjoy myself at one of these sorority formals, but here I sit, at one of the tables off to the side of the dance floor, watching my girl dance with her best friends with a giant grin on my face.

She's pulling out the robot - bending over slightly at the waist and letting her arm hang and dangle as Nia and Jenny mirror her movements while their laughs melt into the melody of the song they're dancing to. Their movements are a hilarious contrast to the sultry movements around them, but I can't seem to take my eyes off of Abby. She ditches her robot moves to throw her hands above her head and shake her hips - off beat, of course - to the music while her smile lights up the space surrounding her as she tilts her head back in a laugh, her long chestnut waves cascading down her exposed back from the form-fitting, pink, silk, backless dress.

I've only been speechless a few times in my life, and now that I think about it, most of them have been because of Abby. I was speechless when she pulled her shirt off in my bathroom the first time we had sex, when she broke down in my arms out in the field before she told me about her dad, when I heard the voice recording on his death anniversary, when she barged into the locker room and told me that she loved me, and again tonight, when she pulled open the door of her apartment and stood there, blinking up at me as she feigned innocence while her tight pink dress pulled me down instantly into the dirtiest part of my brain.

She didn't opt for a semi-conservative dress like she did last time, and I could tell by the smirk on her face when she looked at me over her shoulder as she did a little turn for me, that she knew exactly what I was thinking about. That she picked this dress on purpose. That she bought this dress specifically so I could take it off of her. And if we weren't already running late, I would have happily picked her, thrown her over my shoulder, and spent the rest of the night worshiping that thin pink material and the body that it's clinging so suggestively to. 

But I could tell by the way she bent over in front of me to pretend to check the clasp on her heel that she was planning on teasing me for a bit first, and when she looks over at me from the middle of the dance floor and brings her hands up to knot in her hair as her hips sway, she knows that it's working. It's really fucking working.

I have to look away from her because if I keep watching the way she's dancing on Jenny I'm going to have to readjust myself in the middle of this formal, and my tight dress pants won't allow for an inconspicuous adjustment.

"Sup, brethren,"

Luke's comment pulls my attention, and I glance up to see him drop down into the empty seat beside Micah with an amused grin as his eyes fix on the girls on the dance floor.

"They can't pull out the robot one second and then start a girl on girl porno the next, they're giving my dick whiplash,"

"You sure it's not from the girl you just fucked in the bathroom?" Micah counters with a wicked grin, already bringing his fists up to knock away the rouge jab Luke throws at his ribs.

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