I'll Always

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Someday, the touches won't feel the same
And I won't get nervous when I hear your name
Those days don't seem very close
But Some days I wish they'd just come on their own

I'm not wishing for our demise
Cause I love the feeling I get when you meet my eyes
Every time feels like the first time
And it chokes me not knowing where our future lies

I'll always love you
There's no doubt about it
But how can we exist
If you've already promised
A life, with another

I'll always want to hear your name
And I'll always want to be close
We both know ignorance is bliss
but it's momentary
and we have to come out of it

You'll always be within me
You'll always have me
SO if you're ever feeling lonely
We can pretend once again
That it's just innocent
And it doesn't mean anything

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