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"Come on, you know you can tell me. Right?"
The youth took a leap and put his hand onto the man's face, swiping slowly and gently under his glazed eyes to wich...
Oliver seemed to lean into this touch, fluttering his eyes closed and letting out a deep breath.
"You needed my touch, right?"

That one look Oliver had him told him his answer, yet he had the audacity to nod.
"Maybe I need yours to... Don't worry about wanting my touch, silly."

Elio laughed, sweet enough to cause cavities.
"I'm here, babe. I'm here..."
Hands entangled up into his sandy brown cut, taking away almost every tainted thought he'd ever had.

His boy was too pure for everything he might have been put through, he was too good for all of this. Too good for him.

"I don't know, Elio... I just don't want to leave you."

"Well... you're going to... you can't change that. If I could, I'd make you stay."

They both rocked together in silence, enjoying the serenity of each other... just for a bit.

Often, it was all about their passion for one another. Kisses here, kisses there, touching, moaning. But they still had those moments of calm serenity. Moments where Elio would be wrapped in Oliver's arms, or little scenes where Oliver would Almost be lulled to sleep by Elio's feather finger touch.

"I should stay."

"You can't"

"Don't you want me to stay?"

"More than anything."

Oliver defeatedly sighed, knowing he wouldn't win.
It made sense, but then it didn't.

Elio told him he had to go, but wanted him to stay.

He wanted the best for him.

"It's okay. You'll forget about me."
The youth murmured, sliding a hand to lace into Oliver's.
He kissed the hand, pulling it to have Elio facing him. By then, the boy was set on Oliver's lap, looking down. He wasn't ready to face Him. He was going to cry.

He really didn't want Oliver to go. To forget about him. To have kids with someone... who wasn't him.

Oliver kissed Elio's Teary eyes.
He kissed his nose.
And with each "mine" that slipped past his lips, so did a kiss, and with each kiss came a laugh.
This time, Elio kissed Oliver.


Dopey smiles took place, that confectious look settling the air between them.

Maybe if they forgot about the bad things, all they'd be left with is too much happiness to spare.

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