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kenzie.matthews; this should be fun (:

@avaannii ugh i wish i could be there 😭
@kenzie.matthews i miss you bebe 💍

@luvanthony can't wait to spend a month on the road with you 🙃

@xlilhuddy get off your phone and come cuddle with meeee
@kenzie.matthews if you insist 💜

@user why is she even going on tour? nobody likes her

@kenzie.matthews WHAT?! NO WAY! IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!

@cynthiaparkerrr tHiS sHoUlD bE fUn

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i got off my phone and walked towards the back of the bus where chase was sitting.
He held out his arms open for me, inviting me in.
I sat myself on his lap and rested my head in the crook of his neck. He rested his head on top of mine and we stayed like that for a couple minutes, until i raised my head and looked at him.

"What?" he asked when he noticed my staring

"just thinking" i responded

"about what?"

"How much i love you," i said while booping him on the nose.

"did you just boop me?" he joked

"yeah, you know what i think i did."

"you're going to pay for that." he threatened

"oh really, what are you gonna do?" i challenged

"this" chase responded right before attacking me with tickles, making me go into fits of laughter.

"f-fine" i began to say trying to catch my breath, "you win."

Chase finally stopped ticking me and looked at me with a sly smirk across his face.

"don't get to excited, i'll get you when you least expect it." i say trying to sound intimidating

"i'd like to see you try," Chase responds confidently

Me and Chase continued to goof off until i began to get tired. Chase noticed my loss of energy and helped me drift off to sleep. He played with my hair and softly rubbed my back, as he pulled me closer.

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