Rage Within

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My eyes flutter open. The light burns and it takes a moment to gain my bearings. "Where am I?" I say out loud. The sound of my voice is foreign to me. It is dry and horse and I cannot help but wonder what would have caused it. I raise my hand to press it against my throat. My skin is cold. I flinch as the thought of why my skin might be cold runs through my mind. 

"What happened?" my words linger in the empty room. There is a darkness that surrounds me and suddenly I am distinctly aware of the space around me. The room that should have been familiar to me was changed somehow. There was something wrong about the layout. The bed that was normally placed in front of the window was now off to the side. The linen that once was a vibrant purple was now a dull grey. "Is this some kind of joke?" I yelled as I continued to look around the room. Everything had changed. 'Why has everything changed?' 

"What's happening?!" panic was beginning to set in. Someone was playing a cruel game and I didn't appreciate what they were doing. This was wrong, very wrong and I wanted to have things put back into its proper place. It was at that moment that I saw her. A woman, dressed in a nightgown as she stepped out of my bathroom. A towel was wrapped around her hair as she waltzed into my room as though she owned the place. 'What is wrong with this woman?'

"Why are you in my room?" I demanded. Silence. I looked around wondering if someone was playing a cruel joke. She turned towards me as she walked in my direction. 

"Where did I put that thing?" the woman asked as she passed right through me. I'm not sure what it was about her passing through me but suddenly images began to pour through my mind. I watched myself lying in my bed as a stranger with a mask hovered over me. He did things that I'd rather not remember as he choked the life from my body. 

'How am I here?' I thought to myself yet my thoughts quickly changed as she passed through me a second time. This violation of my body would not be tolerated. Rage welled within and I could feel the heat of my anger overtaking me. The woman was getting into the bed when I screamed "That's my bed!!!" she turned to look towards me and the look of horror was so deeply etched in her face that I hadn't had time to prepare myself for what happened next.

I flung myself towards her, grabbing a hold of her next and squeezing it tightly. The look of horror on her face was lost on me. I screamed and she closed her eyes, I could feel her heartbeat through my fingertips. She gasped her last breath and the rage faded.

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