New friend?

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POV Seungmin
" hi my name is Jisung!! "

I know. Bitch I am not deaf.

I sighed, don't snap seungmin, don't fucking fucking snap, " that's nice " seungmin says as he turns around to his next class.

The younger boy was taken back, utterly surprised when his hand was pulled back, " d-don't go yet " Jisung says blushing.

What the fuck. Stay clam. Don't fucking get angry.
1: man hot
2: dicks are thick
3: Jeongin is a slut
Okay I am clam. But Why is that making me cringe yet he looks lowkey adorable????

Seungmin slowly takes his hand out of the other, smiling awkwardly " but the bell went and I don't want to be late for class "

" then-then take me out! "

" what?"

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