The Year Between: Tris P.O.V.

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That night I go to bed and dream of the initiation year between this year and two years ago. Last year's initiation went something like this: Lynn and I were deeply involved in a hand in hand combat fight when Four brought in that year's initiates, we didn't realize this until Zeke and Shauna had gone nuts in fighting over who would win. My knee was at her stomach and her hand coming back because I had just taken a punch to the face. "Continue this later?" I ask Lynn.
"Yup." She responds.
"Four, how long have you been here?" I ask him.
"A good ten minutes." He replies.
"Uh-oh." Zeke whispered to a transfer.
"What?" The transfer asked.
"Four should know better, they are the biggest pranksters and most well known in Dauntless."
"Oh Four, you may be a close friend of mine, but you shouldn't have done that." I replied.
"Nuh-uh, don't mess with these girls. They dangerous." Uriah says in a girly way. We (Marlene, Lynn and I) rolled out eyes at my idiot twin. Well, it was a normal year after that. Four got Amar's pranks. That was just an interesting opening.

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