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Hello Everyone!!!

For those of you who are wondering, this is the SECOND book in my Ancient Egyptian Forbidden Romance Series. LOL It's not actually called that, I just don't have a name for it! Ha ha!

My plan was to start posting the story as of New Years, and that's still my plan, but I thought I would hype it up a bit. He he!! So I decided to post the prologue!!

And hopefully, the response I get for this will motivate me to get working on the story! ha ha!!

Thanks so much for reading!! <3 And I hope you like this one as much as you liked the first!!! =D


     The Kings, noblemen and noblewomen from various nations were all looking at me. But they all remained quiet, at least until the King of Ethiopia spoke. “Rumours have been passing around, my Pharaoh.”

     “And most of us do not believe that these are just rumours.” The Hittite King continued.

     I frowned. These men were known for beating around the bush. “I don’t understand.” 

     “I think you do, Arius of Egypt.” Said the King of Persia, who kept his eyes narrowed.

     “And this must stop.” Said an Ethiopian nobleman.

     “What must stop? I’m sorry but I don’t understand.”

     Kiana looked at me, as did other Syrian noblemen and women. “It has been rumoured that you are giving protection to the King of Thieves.”

     My heart stopped. I should have known that this was what they were talking about.

     “Arius of Egypt,” the King of Persia called, “this is unacceptable. You do understand that, do you not?” 

     I looked at the old, respectable man. His beard was longer than my hair and his eyes held a strong glare. “I didn’t say I was giving that man protection.”

     “Then why do my spies in Egypt—”

     “Why,” I shouted as I turned to her, “in the name of Ra do you have spies in my country?”

     “If you had nothing to hide, that would not be an issue, my Pharaoh.” Said a Hittite nobleman.

     “No.” Said the Babylon Prince. “My Queen of Syria, you do not have any rights to keeping spies in the Pharaohs country.” He said. “We are trying to maintain a peaceful relationship and spies will not do us any good.”

     Kiana scoffed, as did many of the noblemen and women around her. Suddenly, the hall broke up into a great argument between the great leaders of many great empires, including Rome, Greece, Persia, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and even many of the Egyptian Court that stood behind me.

     “He killed my son!” Yelled a Mesopotamian nobleman.

     “He stole valuable jewels from my Queen!” Said the Roman Emperor.

     “He and his band of thieves destroyed a village in my nation!” Screamed the King of Persia.

     “They massacred half of our army!” Yelled many Babylon noblemen.

     I could only take this for so long.

     “Enough!” I yelled. The sound of my voice was enough to silence everyone in the hall. “We started having these meetings to prevent such arguments and to solve problems properly. Do you all understand that?”

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