Chapter 17-Lights, Camera...Hozier!

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Chapter 17

Lights, Camera…Hozier!

Wynters’ POV

I glance back just before I enter the front doors of the school. Carver, who slept at my house again waves from the car. I smile and wave back before hurrying into the school. People smirk and wink at me before telling me that I was a great dancer. The blush is permanent as I make my way to my locker. Oh gosh, I'm never drinking again!

Carver told me that I moved like stripper. I was mortified but he's reassured me I was a sexy stripper. Either way it was horrifying that I got totally trashed. I have a feeling that something else, probably more mortifying then the stripper bit, was said but Carver told me that nothing happened. I drank, danced with the guys, played beer pong and then passed out in his arms when asking for the bathroom.

“Hey Wynter!” Malcolm says while running passed me.

“Um, hey Malcolm.” I wave and watch him sprint around the corner.

I watch in confusion until I see another boy whose name I don’t remember run after him screaming about stealing his sour patch kids. Shaking my head I open my locker and switch out my books. Arms wrap around my waist making me jump and look back. Callum wiggles his eyebrows before he starts swaying to the nonexistent music.

“Dance for me Wolfe, you are the best dancer I know!” He smirks at me.

“Oh my God, Callum get off me!” I say and wiggle out of his arms.

He pouts and leans against the locker next to mine. “You ready for the talent show?”

“N-no, I mean yes I'm ready but I'm not ready. Does that make sense?” I groan and close my locker before looking up into his amused eyes.

“Yeah it makes sense. Physically you’re ready but mentally you’re shaking in your boots.” He smiles softly.

I sigh and nod. “Where is Cortez?”

“I'm right here!” He says from behind me making me jump.

“Jesus what's up with you to sandwiching me?” I whine and try to get away from them.

“You know you like it! But it would be better if Carver was in here right?” Cortez asks cheekily making my face explode with a blush.

I shake my head and cover my face with my book. “I hate you both!”

“Nah, you love us!” Callum says before ruffling my already messy hair.

The warning bell rings causing Callum to wave and head in the opposite direction as us. Cortez throws his arm over my shoulder as we walk to class. I look up at him and see him glaring daggers at a group of three boys who are watching us closely. I swallow nervously at their lustful stares that are attached to me. Cortez turns slightly blocking me from their view and growls lowly. They don’t seem to hear it because as we pass they start whistling and making dirty comments.

“Go to class Wynter.” Cortez growls and pushes me forward.

I look up and see him turn to the guys. “Cortez stop! It’s three against one.”

“Three humans against an Alpha don’t worry about me.” He smirks and pushes me towards the other hall.

He walks over and starts talking quickly. The one closest to him strikes first and throws a punch towards him. Cortez simply smacks it away before smirking. The next thing I know all three of them are attacking him. I watch in awe as he dodges all their punches with a lazy smirk on his face. I pull out my phone and quickly unlock it. Now what? Callum will only join in this little ‘fight’ if you could call it one. Carver would be pissed and he's at the site today so he can’t come.

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