|Ch. 1|

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Zhari didn't understand it. She didn't understand why the hell everyone was so afraid of Chase Facinelli. So what he had bodyguards, carried a gun everywhere he went and had the meanest looking wife on the planet. He didn't scare her at all. Whenever she saw him, she only rolled her eyes and turned her attention elsewhere...just as she was doing now.

"Only you would roll your eyes at the most dangerous man in the state." Georgia, Zhari's best friend, said as she looked away from Chase Facinelli.

Zhari shrugged.

"I don't see what's there to be afraid of. Everyone acts as if he's the damn king. He's just a man with a gun."

"With several man with him with guns." Georgia added.

Zhari rolled her eyes. "Men with guns are compensating for something. Not all, but most in my opinion."

"He has to protect himself."

"And whose fault is that?"

Georgia shook her head.

"You're really not afraid of him, are you?" She asked in a bewildering tone.

Zhari shook her head. "No, I'm not."

"I don't know why I'm shocked really. You've never feared anything."

Zhari chuckled. "Boys pretending to be men is nothing to be afraid of."

Georgia shook her head and looked over at Chase. He was on the other side of the restaurant with his wife, but he didn't look like he wanted to be there with her. He was too busy looking everywhere else but at his wife.

"Ugh. The things I would do to that man are illegal." Georgia said.

"Uh, careful there, sweetie. You're drooling." Zhari reached over with a napkin and wiped the corner of her mouth.

Georgia smacked her hand away. "Shut up. I don't get how you don't find him attractive. The man is a walking sex god."

Zhari scoffed.

"How would you know if he's a sex god? Is there something you have to tell me, Georgia?" She asked with a raised brow.

Now it was Georgia's turn to scoff.

"Please. If I fucked Mr. Gorgeous, I would have told you the same night it happened." she said as they both got to their feet to leave.

Before Zhari could say anything, she was bumped into by someone which knocked over her glass of water to spill on the legs of her pants "Uh, excuse you. Watch where you're going."

The woman who bumped into her turned around and looked at her. "No, you watch where you're going." She spat before moving passed her.

Zhari looked at Georgia who stared after the woman with wide eyes. "Can you believe that rude as woman?"

"Uh, Zhar, baby, just let it go. She's the wife of Mr. Faci - "

"I don't give a damn whose wife she is - she owes me an apology." She spat with a glare before she turned around and made her way over to her table.

"Uh, can we have another bottle of your best wine?" the woman asked, when she approached, without looking up at her.

"I'm not your damn waiter, lady. You owe me an apology for spilling my water." Zhari spat, her arms crossed.

"Oh, you again. Look, do yourself a favor and just walk away from me and my table. Don't you see me and my husband here trying to have lunch?" she spat.

Zhari glared down at her.

"I don't give a damn what you and your husband are having - you knocked into me and my table and spilled water on my pants." Zhari hissed. "So, I'm not leaving until you apologize."

The woman scoffed.

"Bitch, please. Do you know who I am? Who my husband is?"

Zhari did not like that at all.

"Bitch, I don't give a fuck who you or your husband is." She slammed her fist down onto the table and leaned down until she was at eye level with the rude ass woman. "Call me out of my name again and I will rearrange your fucking face and no amount of surgery will fix you."

The woman swallowed.

"Are you - are you threatening me?"

"Call it a threat or a promise. Either way - I will follow through with either."

"Guards!" she screamed. "Get this woman out of here."

Zhari looked up just in time to see four men headed her way. The one that was closer to her went to grab her arm and she pulled her first back and punch him square in the nose. "Don't fucking touch me, asshole." She hissed before she turned back to the rude woman who was staring at her with wide eyes. "Versuchen Sie diese Scheiße noch einmal und ich werde Sie verdammt noch mal begraben."

(Try that shit again and I will fucking bury you.)

"You speak German?" Mr. Facinelli spoke for the first time since she's been at their table, but she ignored him.

"Stay the fuck away from me." And with that, Zhari turned on her heels and walked away, not sparing Mr. Facinelli a glance.

"Oh. My. God! Did you really just do that?" Georgia asked as they left the restaurant.

"Yes, I did. That bitch needs to know her place and know that just because she's the wife of a mobster that doesn't mean she can't get put in her place or her ass handed to her." Said Khari.

Georgia shook her head but smiled. "I'm best-friends with a bad-ass."

Zhari laughed.

"You say that as if you're shocked."

"No, I'm just - I never imagined being this up close to you snapping at Chase Facinelli's wife." She said.

Zhari shrugged. "People shouldn't abuse power they don't have. She thinks because of who her husband is she should be gifted automatic respect. She may get her way with other people, but not with me. Not at all."

"Damn. You turned me on in there. If I weren't fully committed to men, I'd take you down." Georgia stated.

"Oh my - shut up, GG."

"Hey, I'm serious. You were hot back there. Especially when you punched the hell out of that guard. He deserved it though."

"Yes, he did. He should not have tried to grab me."

"Look, I'm taking you out tonight. You need a night out and I'm going to get you slapped!"

Zhari laughed. "Yeah, we will see about that."

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