The Right Spot (54)

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     She turned over in the bed, tucked under many blankets, and awoke to darkness. She didn't panic as she could sense that he was near. "Warrick?"

     "Aeress." He breathed, yanking her from her laying position and into his arms. Her weight rested in his arms without effort and she didn't bother to fight it, didn't want to. She inhaled his scent for a very long time without actually saying anything. "Aeress, are you alright?" he demanded.

     She wrapped her arms around him and snuggled in closer. "I'm not sure... I think so? How long's it been?"

     "A little over twelve hours..." he leaned back to reveal the stress tainting his expression. "I had no idea what was going on, I thought that he had hurt you. Don't ever do that again, Aeress, that's an order."

     She managed a small smile. "Don't worry, I won't, I can't anyway."

     "Aeress, what the fuck did you do to him? Why did you heal him? He didn't deserve it."

     She appreciated that he kept his tone as tame as possible, considering the circumstances, he had every right to be furious. "I didn't heal him."

     "Then explain the fact that his entire body went from resembling a murder scene to normal?"

     "Because now he will never heal the same way ever again, and in order for it to work, he needed to be reborn through an unscathed body." 

     "Reborn? Aeress, you're not making any sense. I'll get the doc-"

     "I fixed the problem, Warrick!" She became frustrated. "I made him human. I took it all back, I did it."

     His eyes widened. "He's fully human?"

     She nodded, looking away from him. "You kill him now, he's dead for good."

     "Shit!" He hissed, racing out the door after nearly ripping it off the hinges.

     "What?" She demanded at his sudden urgency, following his supernatural speed with ease. "What's wrong?"

     "Shaya." This was all she needed to hear to know why he moved so quickly.

     They reached the holding room within the minute and came upon yet another gruesome scene, as to be expected.

     "Shaya stop!" Warrick roared, pulling her off of Bakir and slamming her into the nearest wall. The stone cracked at the force of it, snatching Shaya from her whirlwind of violence. Aeress looked at all of the blood on the floor and walls and was certain they were too late.

     Shaya's face was brimming with hate, and she revealed her fangs in challenge. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

     "He's human, you'll kill him!" He revealed his own, larger fangs. "Stand down."

     She stilled for a moment in confusion, but the hatred swiftly made its return, making her lovely features darken with obsession. "He's mortal? Then he will die."

     "No, Shaya!" Aeress commanded, but Shaya had already thrown the blade in her hand, aiming straight for Bakir's head. Aeress had a decision to make: do nothing or do something. Oh, how she desired to see him perish in that moment.

     But not yet...

     She reached out her hand and caught the blade, causing it to slice through her hand. She kneeled down, hissing at the pain.

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