Sleepovers and Link

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Me: No questions today, so I guess…the characters will ask each other…stuff. *Shrugs*

Link: Yeah, we could always do that!

Malon: I am back! I thought I would stay home for a while. *Smiles*

Zelda: Oh! I was wondering where you went to. Where are the other characters that were supposed to be here?

Me: Yeah, where have they been this whole thing so far?

Saria: I'm here, me and Malon--

Malon: oh, its okay guys, we had a sleepover.

Saria: *Smiles*

Me: Seriously? We have been working our butts off to entertain and answer questions while you two ate popcorn, watch Disney movies and painted each others fingernails?

Malon: *Guilty face* ...Yes…

Me: AWESOME! I want to join next time.

Jeffery: Awe if she goes so will all the beauty in this room. Then I will be gloomy.

Liu: Whoa, whoa how many times have you referred to yourself as beautiful and now your saying if she goes, it won't be beautiful anymore?

Ganondorf: *Gags*


Me: Calm down killer *ruffles Jeffs hair* I'm not going to be gone long.

Jeff: *Sad smile* Yeah…

Randy: What is this? Beauty and the beast? *Laughs*

Jeff: *Flips Randy off* Fuck off Randall.

Me: Randy please be nice to him for once.

Randy: Nah

Jeff: *Points knife* Shut up!

Me: Enough both of you. Jeff I will take your knife.

Jeff: *Sighs*

Link: Y-you mean… you'd let us ask each other questions and talk with each other… ALL on our own???

Jeff: Yeah I mean we could end up killing each other. *Glares at ganondorf*

Me: Yeah, totally. You may burn down the whole place and totally kill each other, but hey I want to hang out with Malon and Saria. They are awesome characters.

Malon and Saria: Yay! Thanks!

Jeff: What about me?

Me: *Giggles* You are too!

Malon: We could totally have a sleepover! Zelda why don't you come? It will be so fun, you too Midna!

Midna and Zelda: Yes, of course!

Ghirahim: Hey, Link. Looks like we will be alone with Zant and Vaati. And Ben *Cracks knuckles*

Ganondorf: Yes, and Jeff can learn to leave his hands off whats mine!

Liu: What gives you any right to claim someone who wants nothing to do with you?

Ganondorf: Huh? Simple. Why would she want a killer?

Me and Jeff: !!

Me: Excuse me? But I'd rather be with a forever smiling killer than someone who kidnaps princessess and ruins a whole land! So stop saying I'm yours!

Ganondorf: Hmph!

Me: If I return and find someone dead, this will be discontinued!  And if I find Jeff hurt your disqualified from this book Ganondorf. *Snarls*

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