Chapter 8: Is this love??

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Megan's POV
I spend the past few days alone, no painful tests only me and Nico sometimes when he brings me food.
I hear a knock at the door I know it's Nicholas.

"Good morning sunshine 🌞 how are you feeling this morning? He says, he drops a tray of "Frosties" cereal with a jug of milk and also sugar.

"Thanks so much, I love Frosties"
I scarf down the food and hand the tray to Nicholas, he takes it and goes away with it and appears soon after and says

"Okay let's play a game. Truth or Dare 😉. Whattya think?"

I smile, then I chuckle, then I laugh hysterically.

"You ...... play... truth or dare.... Hahahahaha what a joke. I say in between fits of laughter.

"Yes me okay so Truth or Dare"

I think. "Truth."

"Okay who was your first crush?"
   We go back and forth for a few hours. He tells me I have to perform tests soon. He places a schedule and tapes it to the wall above me.

I look up

Megan Crimson's test timetable

Mondays- Wednesdays: Immunity tests

Thursdays: Free days

Friday and Saturday: Others.

Sundays: Free day

PS. If  your good I will give you some form of entertainment. If your 'naughty' I'll punish you. Love you sweetie.

I look up at Nicholas and say " No he has no right over me or my life  like this Ugggh I hate my dad."

The door flies open. My dad steps in. I hadn't seen him since he was last with me on the day I first new it was him, that was two months ago, I have a calendar in my room.

"Young lady you have no right, I'd watch it if I were you" he shouts banging his fist on the table making me jump.

He then walks over to the cabinet and brings out a syringe. Her walks towards me, I move back a little when Nicholas steps in between and says "Big Boss sir don't worry I'll do it."

My dad nods and walks away leaving me alone with Nicholas. Nicholas walks away with the syringe and empties it into the sink and throws it into the garbage can.

" I won't hurt you Megan, i.... I love ... You" he says

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