1: Shit

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Jongin had always lived an interesting life, as compared to his friends, if having the power to interact with the supernatural was considered 'interesting.' His friends – Chanyeol and Kyungsoo lived in the moment and had so many different problems and got angry and emotional but Jongin couldn't bring himself to worry about minute things when literally, a simple signature by some person dressed in a thrifty cloak could end his life. So, he was often found in situations where Kyungsoo and Chanyeol would be cursing college life away while he played games and munched on chips – as he was doing at that particular moment.

"I got three assignments due! THREE! And I haven't begun even one." Kyungsoo shouted out loud, poking three fingers in Chanyeol's face.

Chanyeol hastily removed the three fingers, "You've got three assignments and I've got a fucking wedding to plan!"

Jongin gave him a dirty look before popping another chips in his mouth, savoring the salty taste, "It is literally your sister's wedding. And you don't have to plan it. You just have to help out your family."


"But you'll have fun anyway! But listen to me – three assignments, two tests and probably more I don't even know about!" Kyungsoo shouted and the two started arguing again, while Jongin shook his head and ate chips. He didn't know why he was friends with these two over-enthusiastic idiots.

He was just eating when suddenly something hit him on the side of his face, causing him to fall off the sofa. He winced and looked at the object that had hit him and saw a pillow. He frowned at Kyungsoo, who had clearly thrown it, judging from the expression.

"What?" He muttered, annoyed.

"Stop being so calm! Dammit!" Kyungsoo threw another pillow at him, which he dodged.

"And start being a maniac like you? Sorry, no." Jongin said, getting up and brushing his jeans. He fixed his hoodie, before grabbing his keys to his apartment.

"Anyway, it's late. I'll see you creeps tomorrow." He said, before walking out of the door, leaving two maniacal, panic-stricken, broke and hungry college students behind.

The fresh, cold air hit him in the face when he stepped out onto the main road. It was after midnight, thus the roads were silent. As he walked, he could see some ghosts playing charades with each other on the roadside. There were also some strange blobs of light, flying up in the air. In the distance, in the nightclub, he could see some ghouls wearing knee-length boots and stockings and ragged pink leather clothes. It was a strange world of the mythical. He wasn't really scared of them – creeped out sometimes? Yes, but he knew that these things weren't going to harm him. Most of them were powerless and just needed attention.

He walked past the nightclub, after which the dark thickened, the air stilled and silence rang in his ears. Jongin gulped. Something wasn't quite right. There weren't any spirits here and the darkness was way too thick to be considered normal. He felt a presence behind him – old, dark and cold. But he didn't dwell on it. Most ghosts, ghouls, souls and supernatural creatures gave that aura unless he knew them. He kept walking forward, until the darkness got stronger. So this was a strong deity. He shivered slightly and it seemed that for a moment, the road darkened and it became warmer, before cold encased him again. Looks like this person wasn't just going to pass. He might be going the same way as Jongin. Yeah, of course, that must be it.

He looked around once while walking and saw that there was literally no one. The whole road was dark, empty and silent and Jongin would have liked to claim that he wasn't scared but the goosebumps on his body and the tightness in his jaw begged to differ. Jongin finally decided to sneak a look back.

He wished he didn't.

He saw a body, encased in a long cloak. It fell in the face of its owner thus Jongin couldn't see the face but he didn't really want to. He wasn't interested – not when he could see the long, black yet gleaming curved blade in the hands of the owner – a scythe.

Fuck. Fuck.

A grim-reaper. Death.

He was going to die. He was fucking going to die.

Jongin snapped his head forward, away from Death. He had thought that he was pretty chill and calm, but like every human facing death, he sought to escape it and so he ran forwards towards his house. He didn't know how a four-walled living vicinity was going to protect him from the eternal demise but he just ran...home. When he reached his cheap apartment, with many people and neighbors opening their doors to shout at him and ask him to run slower, he was grateful that he lived there with so many people, and irritating, gossiping aunties. Somehow, these people seemed immortal.

After, he reached his flat, he went inside and locked himself in. He rushed about and closed all the windows, doors and pretty much anything else that might act as gateway for Death. He also put extra furniture and some porn magazines (he didn't own them) and some other garbage that college life had made him collect including but not limited to – noodle's cups, plastic forks, open cans, bottles, pizza boxes and other things against the windows and doors. He didn't think eternal demise would cross such mortal and disgusting territory.

After that, he video-called his friend, Taemin, who was in some party. Taemin was clearly drunk which Jongin was grateful for because this conversation shouldn't be something Jongin should ever hear about again (if he survived).

"I saw Death."

"You died? Bro?" Taemin squinted at the camera.

"No, I saw the grim-reaper. I ran away from him. He had a scythe."

"You drunk, too bro? I feel a little..tipsy."

"Yeah, I am drunk too," Jongin lied, "But what should I do about Death?"

"Grandma says that people have hallucinations of the grim-reaper, you know, when someone they know is about to die. I think you're fine bro."

"Really?" Jongin breathed out in relief, "Cause I trust your grandma. Her advice is always excellent."

"She didn't advise you to move out of your parent's home and into another state. She said it was sarcasm." Taemin said, sounding more sober but Jongin wasn't really listening.

"Yeah, great advice. Thanks Taemin. I'll see you."

"Bro-!" The video-chat was cut and Jongin was very relieved after talking to Taemin. Next, he consulted the web. He opened many webs and searched 'What happens when you see a grim-reaper?' Most of the answers were that it was nearing Halloween and other ranged from how people saw things when they were tired and like, he was definitely tired. After all the internet surfing, he of course started paying attention to the return of the Jonas Brothers and finding new Sound clouds and soon, he fell asleep with all the worries of the Grim-reaper being erased from his mind.

Next morning, he cursed himself for stocking so much garbage against his windows and doors – it seemed it was night in the apartment and it felt very packed and suffocating. He was sort of grateful though because his house actually looked clean for once, besides it also gave him an excuse for cleaning the place.

After he was done piling garbage in the black garbage bags, he realized that he was way too late for his class. He hurriedly grabbed his bag and stepped out to opened his front-door, but he wasn't greeted by sunlight as he had expected since the corridors in his apartment were open. He was greeted by a figure in a black overall. His jaw dropped to the floor.

He had to tilt his head down to look at the... thing properly. The face was cold and pale and Jongin didn't really pay attention to the features of the face when he saw that the black-hooded figure was carrying a... a scythe. He jumped back into his vicinity and slammed the door shut, breathing heavily. He had already removed all the garbage but he piled all the garbage bags against the front door and locked himself in his room.

Shit. Shit. Death...was on his door. Literally. 

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