The Beginning (Part One)

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"Hey, Tic, you've got everything of yours loaded in?" I asked as I walked along the walkway leading to our front door, , Tic standing in the front of the door way, panting up a storm while covered in grease, oil, and splinters from the old wood Dresser our mom had.
"Yeah, you need any help with your stuff?"
"Yeah! Do you?" The next door neighbor walks over, he's pretty tall, black hair, brown eyes, glasses that look like they came from out of a science fiction magazine.
I shrug my shoulders.
"I don't need any but you seem pretty adamant about helping me so I guess I can't refuse."
"I wouldn't let you refuse anyway. This stuff looks heavy- Wait is this..?" He lifts up one of my mech arms... how is it that is the first thing he sees?
My one Secret Possession is the first thing he sees? 
"Give that back. I don't need you carrying that." I take the box protectively.
If This were the lord of the rings, this box is my ring.
"No-! No it's fine I won't say a word..."
"The force of the energy you're emitting says otherwise. I may need to wipe your memory."
"Wait really? Is this THAT Important?"
I just grinned at him.
SO gullible. This will be fun.
"No. It's a joke. I'm (Y/N). What's your name?"
"It's Dib. Dib Membrane."
"Well, Dib, You can set that by the door, and help with the other boxes, I'd really appreciate it."
Dib gave me a soft little smile and a nod.
"Yeah, sure, not a problem."
"Thanks, Dib." I walked inside, figuring I'd start moving the stuff to my room until there was a loud crash in the yard and then aggressive irritating yelling.
"W-was it the toilet again??"
"You know, after about year 3, I gave up on you. Also, you've not grown a bit. Who's the one with the big head now??"
By this point I was finally out in the yard, seeing the bickering duo.
Dib arguing with what looked like an elementary school aged boy with a bad skin condition and hair that was so fake looking it looked to be made of rubber.
"Stop harassing the kid, Dib." I say, already deciding I'm gonna be avoiding this guy for the rest of my stay in this town if he argues with 10 year olds.
"That's not a kid, it's an ALIEN." 
"Sureee, Dib." Yep, at that moment I was turning around to go inside and lock the door until he left until I noticed, well.
The kid's skin.
It was Green.
And not just your normal "Humany Green skin". It was BABY PUKE GREEN.
That kid was either carrying some sort of Biologically aggressive attack parasite, OR he was indeed an alien.

I'd need more proof, either way.
Either way I'd be a hero for discovering what ever made this boy green.

"Wait... Why is he green? Should I call the FBI???" I asked, clearly knowing that they'd not help  but it's better to play the roll of the daft and stupid in these situations.

"It's no use, (Y/N)! He'll just get away."
"HAHAHAHA! YES, DIB BOY! I will only escape!!! Again, and Again, and again! Until one day, I'll finally stop being captured all together, and no one will be able to stop me from destroying your tiny little pig world!!"
"You underestimate the level of dedication I have now, Zim!" I could tell at that moment things were getting really heated, so to stop involving myself, I went inside to make some ice tea for this weird discolored boy and Dib.

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