Jogging Reflection

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He'd had a great time last night.

The leisure centre at which he worked on a part-time basis had held a party at the pool, which was something they held on the first of every month from what he understood. Such a party was staff only, and since he worked within the pool as a trainee lifeguard, he'd already been prepared.

Such a job had been got for him by his older brother, who was respected by the staff at the centre, and as long as he trained hard and showed he understood the lessons he was given, they showed him such respect as well.

He'd been there for a month, on every Friday and Sunday for a full day of work, and had quickly picked up exactly what it took to be a lifeguard by the poolside.

He enjoyed the training, and had enjoyed the party at the pool – which he hadn't expected to be invited to. There he had met with a few of the other staff members who he hadn't seen before, and had been talking with them about the various activities at the centre and things outside of it as well.

After such a great night, he had wanted to take a walk around. Halesowen had a lot better places for that than here in Blackheath, and there was that Gamestation he could go into should he want to check for that new action figure from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

It was silly, perhaps, that he would collect the toys yet hadn't played any of the games in ages, but the series held special significance for him. It was the series that had pushed him to where he was now.

He had walked up the hill to Leasowes woods, with the intention of taking a walk through it and to the parks. Instead he decided on a light jog, remembering the cross-country runs his class had done for physical education at the school. While they had never taken the route to the park during those runs – except for one memorable Friday class – it was still a great route for a jog, and one that he had neglected since being at the college.

Upon reaching the lake, he slowed, swinging his backpack from his shoulders to take the bottle from it. Slowly he walked around the lake, taking sips from the bottle until he'd half emptied it, then placed it back in his backpack, which he swung back into place.

Out on the roads again, he walked straight to the town centre, where his first port of call was Gamestation.

Searching the shelf of merchandise was quick, but he'd only got halfway through it when he heard his name called.

"Hey, Jack."

He looked up to see both Alicia and Quinn stood over by one of the computers with a camera on a tripod pointed at that computer.

He smiled upon seeing them, calling back, "Hey, you two." He was curious about the camera and what they were doing here, but he was able to guess the most likely reason. He walked over to them, asking, "You working here?"

"We're creating an advert for the store," Quinn informed. "We would have said but never saw you online last night."

"Busy at the pool," he said, not wanting to get into a discussion of what he had been doing. It wasn't like he'd even told them he had started as a trainee lifeguard. "Came here today just to look for something for my collection."

"Well, since you're here..."

And before he knew what was going on, she had turned to the man at the counter and asked, "Alex, would this advert be better with an interview or two?"

Jack hid his surprise. He certainly hadn't expected to be roped into whatever they were working on, having wanted to just spend a few minutes here getting what he hoped to find.

Still, it would provide a few minutes of entertainment.

"So long as you can give a positive impression of the store," Alex said, having given it some thought, "I don't see why not."

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