Chapter 1 - Used and Dumped (1)

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Chapter 1 - Used and Dumped (1)

On the night that the examination result was released, Yan Shuyu, who had just graduated, had an …. indescribable dream.

In the dream, her surroundings was dark. Her eyes were closed, and she was floating. She couldn’t really make out the look of the other party. but she could feel his amazing 6-packs abs, so she naturally assumed she was with Song Minghao, her ex-boyfriend.

Yan Shuyu and Song Minghao attended the same school and were of the same grade. The only difference was that Song Minghao was an outstanding individual – he was handsome, talented, and well-respected by his teachers. He had received more financial aid then he knew what to do with. As for Yan Shuyu, her only accomplishment was competing in her division’s pageant once and failing; there was nothing else notable.

One of them was a proactive academic, and the other just cruised and waited for time to pass. They had entirely different interests, passions, and life goals, but they were young and nobody cared about that as long as they are in love with each other. Yan Shuyu and Song Minghao had dated for three years, and they had always been seen together. They were recognized as the “best couple” of their school.

Nonetheless, the best couple was going to go their separate ways after their graduation.

Song Minghao was ambitious. He wanted to go to a first-line city to have a go at a career and hoped that his girlfriend would accompany him up North. Yan Shuyu, on the other hand, was a typical local girl. She was a single-child from a middle-class family. Her parents had invested well and already had two apartments and two shops prepared for her, which was enough to support her for the rest of her life. Why would she want to give up all those and head North? Sure, it was shameful to live off of her parents, but when the ambitionless Yan Shuyu heard that from her mother, her shameful heart was stirred.

While her boyfriend refused to stay where he was and accompany her in her shameful acts of living off of her parents, Yan Shuyu also refused to go North with him to kickstart his career. Finally, the two had no choice but to break up.

Yan Shuyu felt that she had true feelings for her boyfriend, mainly because she was the type who thought that looks were everything. As Song Minghao was the most handsome man she had ever met, naturally he was her true love. Even when he decided to finally leave her for his goals and ambitions, she still had no heart to blame him. So, it was only natural that she was snuggling with him in her dream.

Quickly, Yan Shuyu realized that not only was she having intimacy with her ex-boyfriend in her dream, but she had given him a lot of extra credits – his skills were way better than they were in real life, making her not want to stop. His skin was also incredible; it was almost as smooth and silky as hers; and then there was his body. Never mind about the 6-packs abs, she could even feel his Adonis lines. Wow, she couldn’t get her hands off of him. She was responding to him passionately as she groped him up and down.

Perhaps, her passion was felt by her partner, she heard a low, magnetic chuckle from above her. It was farther at first, then it came closer and closer. Yan Shuyu could almost feel him breathing into his ears, and the sensation became several folds stronger.

Who could resist that? Yan Shuyu’s felt her knees growing weak, and she couldn’t help but scream to herself: Even his voice was sexier in the dream. What a wonderful dream that she was having!

After the amazing sensation, she lifted her head to stop that knee-buckling laughter with her mouth – if he kept on laughing like that, she wouldn’t be able to have 300 more rounds with this upgraded ex-boyfriend.

Unfortunately, even though she was able to stop him with a kiss, Yan Shuyu couldn’t handle too many more rounds. Even s*x dreams took a lot of energy. She was tired out soon and fell into a deep sleep.

What a nice dream that she had.

She had been getting ready for her examination the last few months and had picked up on the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Her circadian rhythm was more or less set. So even though she had such an exhausting night, she still stirred and slowly woken up when the sun was out.

Sunlight pouring in from the window gave an even more grandeur feel to the elegant yet luxurious bedroom. Unfortunately, Yan Shuyu did not notice her surroundings, she was still groggy with her eyes barely opened. She had her body propped up halfway and stared at the window motionlessly as she thought to herself – odd, she didn’t have any alcohol last night, how did she forget to close the curtains before she went to bed?

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