Chapter 2.

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Scarlett's POV

I raised my eyebrows towards Louis' direction, however I could only see the back of him at this current moment in time.

"Still sleeping." He spoke as he turned around to face me.

"I'm not surprised, she didn't stop dancing until the early hours this morning." I replied as I filed stuff into my bag in a not-so-organised manner. I checked my phone for any messages before I tossed it inside, not giving it another thought.

"It's three in the afternoon." He chuckled whilst he waltzed over the floor in the open planned apartment and joined me in the kitchen, at the breakfast bar.

"That's early for her, you should know that by now."

"I know, I just don't see how someone can spend all day in bed." He mumbled to himself but I caught his words with my ears.

"You clearly didn't live your teenage years properly then." I chuckled as I diverted my eyes towards his.

"I don't believe sleeping all day is living life to the full."

"Who said anything about sleeping?" I smirked before I started placing things in my oversized bag again. My packing came to a sudden halt when the entrance to the bag was sealed by Louis' hand slamming the two sides together.

"If you weren't sleeping, what were you doing?" He questioned sceptically, his eyes were narrowed towards mine as I continued to smirk. We were both on two different wave lengths, I was just messing with him.

"Reading books, watching Harry Potter and knitting Christmas jumpers, what did you think I meant?" I replied whilst I was still grinning to myself.

"How do I know they aren't code words for something else, hmm?" He whispered playfully as he leant against the counter.

"I supposed the wands in Harry Potter could always be a code for something else...and hey! You got me off topic."

"I wasn't even thinking like that, you're the one full of sexual innuendos." He laughed to himself much to my displeasure, personally I didn't even think it was funny enough to earn an audible laugh like the one he was producing. My habit of rolling my eyes was still going strong, it felt more like a chore than a habit now, you could predict I would do it.

"Aww, don't' get stroppy on me now." He whimpered with a fake frown on his face.

"I'm not stroppy, I just don't agree with what you said."

"Fair play." He replied, concluding the conversation before it turned heated. "I assume Laura is meeting us there then since we're already ten minutes late."

"Yeah, she's meeting us after the show backstage or something. I don't know if we're sat at the same table or anything yet. I'll give her a text when we get there reminding her."

"Is her friend going with her still?"

"Staci? Yeah. She had a plus one, she wasn't going to waste it on Niall, he's like walking royalty there."

"Niall? Walking royalty?" Louis spluttered barely keeping his composure.

"Good point, probably wasn't the best way to describe it. Although amongst your fans it might be a different story."

"True. Anyway, have you got everything? Make-up, hairbrush, shoes, tissues, tampons?" He listed off, I gave him a questionable look in reply. "What?"

"First off, there's a team who do all that. Secondly, why would I go out without shoes on? Thirdly, why do I need tissues?"

"You might get upset?"

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