Chapter 17: The Faceless Man

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School went by fast the next day because there was an assembly. Sometimes the assemblies only last about an hour but this one was almost three, you can't remember why because the whole time you were watching videos on MJ's phone with her. You were in art class with her when the assembly was scheduled to happen, and you spotted Peter and Ned when you got into the auditorium. You gave them a wave while MJ flipped them off, but you had to sit with your classes so you couldn't all sit together. You weren't complaining, at least you had MJ. She was always a change of pace with her edge because you usually hung out with Ned and Peter. You loved MJ, but she wasn't one to come over and hang out, calling your traditional sleepovers 'lame' and 'boring'.

"So, you're dating Parker now?" She asked when you were filing out of the room at the end.

"Uh, I mean it's only been two days...but yeah." You nodded.

"It's about time, you guys looked at each other like lovesick puppies." She cringed in disgust, making you laugh.

"Sorry about that."

"If he hurts you, I'll kill him." She deadpanned and you looked at her confused.

"Didn't know you cared so much about me." You smirked.

"I don't." She scoffed, "I mean you're cool, unlike these other losers."

"That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me, Allison Reynolds."

"Shut up." She rolled her eyes and nodded a goodbye in which you returned with a squint, trying to be badass, but it just made her laugh.

"Was that a laugh from Miss Michelle Jones herself?" You yelled, catching everyone's attention in the hall, "Maybe she isn't as stoic as she wants us to think!"

She flipped you off hard and turned to leave, making you laugh. You were heading to class when you got a text from an unknown number. You opened it and it read,

Unknown: Stay out of the Tower. Fair warning.

What the hell? Was someone messing with you? You shook it off and chose to ignore it.

You made your way to class and finished the rest of the day.

You went back to the Tower and saw Damon working the entrance as usual.

"Good afternoon my little croissant!" You cooed sarcastically.

"Pretty sure that's offensive to French people." He mumbled, scanning your badge in.

"Or delicious pastries." You shrugged, making him scowl, as you made your way to the elevator.

You were about to click the button to your floor, when you got a message that distracted you and you pressed a random one.

Unknown: Should've went to your boyfriend's house.

You read it and then felt yourself starting to panic.

They followed you.

The elevator dinged open and you were still staring at your phone when a voice interrupted you.

"Kid, you alright?" Tony asked.

He was walking by, using his tablet, on his way to the lab when the elevator opened. He wasn't expecting anyone to be on this floor and with the security issues they've been having, it caught his attention.

"I thought that um," You paused, walking up to him, eyes barely leaving your phone, "I thought someone was just messing with me, but they followed me home."

He wanted to relish in the fact that you call the Tower home, but everything else you said pulled him into concern.

"Show me." He demanded, worry filling his voice.

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