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            You never know how precious life is until you face death.


            Well for me, I didn’t realize the preciousness of life until I faced the consequences of my stupid actions.


            I used to see life as a hell hole. I was a geek in school. Nobody loved me. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Most of them got struck by the brightness of popularity, including me. That was why I yearned for popularity. I wanted to be famous. I wanted my name in shiny lights. I wanted to be noticed, to be wanted, and to be loved by people.


            I wish I could turn back the time. I wish that I was not puerile enough to ask for something that I regretted until the last breath that I would take. I’m wishing for all the impossible. I wish I could use the word hope instead of wish. But I know that there is no hope left, not even a spark. So a hope for an extension is not viable right now.


            Death. 1 word, 5 letters. Most of the people are afraid of death. From my own point of view, death is not really horrifying. If you die, it is basically your entire fault. According to a movie that I have watched, Death has its own plan for us. You cannot cheat death.


            “Let go of me please,” I sobbed uncontrollably as I begged him.


            I never thought that the one, whom I depended the most, would be the cause of my own downfall.


            “I am afraid I could not grant your wish this time Victoria,” he replied harshly while rejoicing over my pain.


            I cried more, letting more tears roll down my cheeks. “I thought you would help me, but I guess I was wrong.”


            I hated crying, I hated showing people that I am weak. But adversely, this den that I was locked in was no place to hide your emotions. Rather, a place to show your inner feelings, hiding no secret at all.


            “I already let you have what you wanted. Was that not enough?”


            I opened my mouth to reply. No word had come out. I could not answer.


            “Did you think that everything I gave you was free?”


            When I did not answer, he raised his tone, higher than his last question.


            I stuttered, “Y-Yes.”


            He let out a non-humorous laugh. “Well then you were wrong darling. Nothing in this world is free anymore. Everything comes with a price,” he paused slightly, “and now, it is time for your payback.”


            I struggled against the chains that were wrapped around my arms and legs causing a clanking sound. I screamed until God knows how long. I needed to get out of here because in a few moments, it will be the end of me. The end of the superstar Victoria Blocke they all loved.


            “Don’t be foolish Victoria, you can’t win over me.”


            “What if I tell you I can?” Those words came out of my mouth.


            He smirked, “What would you do if I kill your mother?”


            “No! Don’t hurt her! Kill me instead!” I shouted at him. I can’t bear to see my Mom die because of me and my imprudent actions. I love her so much, it’s all my fault. Maybe I should accept my fate. This is all my fault, I made this problem. I’m going to be the one to finish this.


            “As you wish, Miss Victoria Blocke.” He walked towards me with the most devilish smile on his face.


            I closed my eyes and prayed to God. I’m so sorry for all the wrongdoings I have done, I didn’t regret living. I loved my life. Please take care of my Mom. I love her so much. Mom, I’m so sorry. I love you so much. Take care of yourself. I was so selfish, it’s my fate. Goodbye.


            “Are you finished praying, Victoria?” I can feel his breathing in front of me.


            I nodded slowly. And in just a second, I felt myself falling in a dark and deep hole. I can feel that it’s the end of me; and finally I could rest in peace.



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