The Fame | 5

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          About an hour ago, I was at the record company recording my first very own song. I couldn't believe that I was finally closer in reaching my dreams. And for the record, Judah was right. Willow Records let me record my first very own song. I couldn't tell how blithe and blissful I am right now.

            I quickly went to the park where I met Judah. I yelled his name so he would see me. "Judah!"

            "Victoria," he said smoothly.

            I quickly followed the voice I heard. I found him sitting on the rusty swings. I swear I did not see him there when I came here.

            "Why does all of a sudden you pop out of nowhere?" I asked, really puzzled of what this man can do.

            He got up on the swing and walked closer to me. "You just didn't see me."

            "Well can you explain what happened yesterday? I swear to God I was all alone on the bench when you pop out of, ugh!" I screamed exasperatedly.

            "Stop making things up Victoria. How did the recording go?"

            "Oh and another thing, how did you know that they were going to let me record a song?

            He shrugged, "I just knew it."


            "Hey don't forget to give me an autograph when you become famous," he smirked.

            I rolled my eyes, "Sure. Quit that evil smirk of yours it's irritating me."

            I glanced at my wristwatch. Oh crap, it's getting late. I should get home. "I need to go home Judah or else my mom will be pissed. I'll see you."

            "Yeah, tonight," he muttered looking all serious.

            "Tonight? What did you mean by tonight?"

            "Nothing. Just go home already."

            I think Judah is a rascal. I should not go back here ever again.

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