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            Today is Saturday. I have been waiting all day long for the call from the Willow Records if I got through or not. I took a quick glance on my wall clock and it says that it is already 5:35 pm. I sighed desperately, knowing that I failed to impress the record company.


            I ran downstairs, out of my house. I needed to get away from my solicitudes and I know just the perfect place to be.


            But before I even turn the knob of the door, my mom’s voice echoed in the living room, “Where are you going, young lady?”


            I twitched my eyebrows in annoyance. “I’m 18, mom. I am an adult. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”


            She knew at that moment that she couldn’t win against me, so instead, she asked, “Fine. Be back at home soon. Dinner’s at 6.”


            “I will.”




            Devil’s Haven. That’s the name of the park I currently am right now. The park’s name doesn’t go really well. According to the dictionary, haven is a word meaning a place of safety or sanctuary. So if you combine haven with devil, it forms a misfit of words, or more likely, a grammatical error.


            I sat on the bench, my gaze wandering around the mysterious park. Dried golden leaves of maple tree were scattered along the green fields. The playground where children used to play was now a piece of metal junk. And behind the bench that I am sitting on, lies numerous gigantic trees that lead to nowhere. No one dared to go there, for it is formidable.


            Legends and myths of how this park ended up to be named Devil’s Haven passed on generations. From what my grandmother told me, it started hundreds of years ago.


            A girl in her twenty’s went to the woods to find some leaves to be used to heal her sick mother’s wounds. The leaves she was looking for were rare, for it could only be seen during autumn. Fall was ending back then, the cold and freezing breeze of winter approaching. She spent all day looking and wandering around the woods for the rare leaves, but she failed.


            She collapsed on the grass, crying that her mother could die anytime soon if she would not find those leaves that will disinfect the wounds and stop the spread of it. She would do anything to save her mother and she’s even willing to risk her own life.


            Her vision was suddenly clouded by a tall hooded figure. It was sure a man with unknown intentions. Goosebumps filled her delicate skin, as her breathing ragged. Fear was rushing through her veins now, she was perturbed.


            “W-who are you?” She asked with her voice shaking.


            “Do not be afraid for I cause no harm. I am here to offer you help,” the cloaked man stated.


            “I-I don’t need any h-help.”


            She sat up trying to hide her face from the cloaked figure.


            “I know you are weak and do not try to hide it any further.”


            “Can you r-read my mind?” The poor girl asked in bemusement.




            After that encounter of the young woman with the cloaked figure, her life has changed. The village people witnessed how her life went from rags to riches. They even saw her dying mother alive like she had not have any illness at all. It was a great charade for all the people living during that time.


            The young woman became the richest in their town. She had everything she wanted. The woods where she met the cloaked figure that had changed her life were converted into a park. It was a joyous time on the village until one day, a hunter found the young woman’s body lying beneath the woods. The death of the young woman was still a question up until now.


            Since that incident, people made myths and legends about the cloaked figure. No one had dared to go to the woods, in fear of meeting the mysterious man. The once beautiful park had turned into an abandoned place.


            The government had tried bringing back the beauty of the park, but people still was not convinced that the place was safe. A descendant of the young woman had referred the cloaked man to a devil, thus, calling the park, Devil’s Haven.


            This place isn’t really creepy for me. I used to play here along with my dad when I was a kid. This has been my thinking place whenever I had problems like this.


            Oh gosh, I totally forgot about the call that I was supposed to get from the Willow Records. I breathe in three times, trying to calm myself and accept that I wasn’t going to make it.



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